T-ara's Qri and Soyeon were present in the "Splash International 2012", a hair fashion culture event which aims to showcase the creativity of Top beauty salons inside and outside of Japan.

Wearing their beautiful dresses and with the stylist who won the "Hair Coloring Award", check out Soyeon and Qri's photos below.

From their pictorial for "Gibalhan Chicken" here comes Boram's adorable photo with the dog who loves chicken!

Prepare for some cuteness overload!

Prior to this Boram's first photo with the dog was also revealed in our past post, T-ara's promotional photos for "Gibalhan Chicken".

Following their surprise performance at Shibuya for Moussy's renewal open last March 1st, T-ara also had another event that day for Tower Records.

They had a dance party and here are some of their photos from that event.

Aside from T-ara there was also a cover group who performed in this event.

What do you like to eat on a rainy day?  Nothing beats a hot soup or noodles, right?

That's what T-ara's Boram had as she recently shared, "Rainy day. A bowl of mixed noodles and chopped noodles eachㅡ" I wanted to drink rice wine as well but.. today I just had barley tea as a substitute...ㅋ It's-nice. heh heh".

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