The Ryu Twins are back to showcase their beautiful relationship.

T-ara's Hwayoung and CoEd's Hyoyoung recently went out and from it Hwayoung happily shared, "The fillet steak that Hyoyoungie bought me~~As expected, eating your steak rare is the best!Puhaha~~ I love you Hyoyoung-ah~~".

As a proof shot, here is Hwayoung's beautiful photo.

Here are more of T-ara Qri's lovely photos for 'Tony Moly'.

Did you ask who's the fairest of them all?  Check out the photos below to find out.

Of course all of the T-ara members are the fairest of them all! ^^

Aside from "Roly Poly" their 3rd Japanese Single, a DVD box set named "T-ARA.COM" which contains their past variety show titled "T-ara Dot Com" was recently released in Japan.

The DVD box set is divided into two and the first one contains the episodes 1 to 5 while the 'T-ARA DVD-BOX 2' which will be released on March 9th will contain Episodes 6 to 10.  Aside from that the two sets both contain their song "Bo Peep Bo Peep", the MV for "I Go Crazy Because of You" a bonus footage of "T-ara World" and a story guide featuring the member's photos. 

The DVDs have the original Korean audio with Japanese subtitles, so if you don't know Korean/Japanese it might not be worth buying but if you want its available on Amazon.  (DVD Region Code is 2 which includes Japan, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Egypt)

For the meantime you can check out their photos and snapshots from this DVD release below.

From a Japanese magazine here are the lovely photos of our beloved T-ara members.

Scroll down and check out their photos.

Gracing the cover of "I Like" magazine from Thailand are the beautiful girls of T-ara!

Check out their snapshot from this magazine below.

From their recent Dance Party in Shibuya here are T-ara's cuts from the Japanese TV show titled "Sakigake".

Check out their cute cuts below that includes the fun game which they played against the members of the Japanese girl group named 'Berryz'.

Yesterday, T-ara's Soyeon and Hyomin attended the premiere of the movie titled "The Intouchables".

We have uploaded their photos from the event in our recent post and among them looks like Soyeon liked a specific photo as she shared, "Eum~ I like it keukeu pbt*".

In addition to this, it looks like Soyeon tried to invite Boram as well as she messaged her with, "Do you want to go watch a movie with me? By 7, in front of the house to C** . . It's fine if you want to go in place of me too heheh^^" and Boram replied with, "Will animals be shown??+_+*".

Soyeon then answered with, "I'm not sure...of what kind of movies there'll be hehe" and received Boram's response which was "Get there safely♥".

Looks like Boram didn't like to go and Soyeon jokingly expressed, "I'm not going to make plans/promises with Rambbo anymore!!!".

T-ara's Boram is back to mesmerize us with her adorable photos!

Along with the photos She also expressed, "What do you do on a nice day!Hoong hoong.(Ծ___Ծ)+ I want to go to the zoo.Take me".

Talking about the Zoo, Boram also revealed her cute conversation with Soyeon where she added, "Animal Kingdom★ For your reference, "Choi Sunyong"-nim is Davichi's manager oppa".

Look who just cut her bangs, it's T-ara's Eunjung who shared, "Cut my bangs !!♥" followed by "Cut my bangs part 2".

With that here are Eunjung's beautiful photos for you to adore.

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