The reason why only Hyomin was present in this interview?  She was there to walk down the runway.

Check out Hyomin's lovely photos from the runway of the "K Collection in Seoul" below.

From T-ara's performance pictures from the 'K Collection in Seoul' here comes Hyomin's interview from the said event.

Not sure why the other members weren't included but here it is, a treat for Hyomin's fans.

The fashion and concert event "K Collection in Seoul" was held today at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium and among the many artists who present in this one are the girls of T-ara, less Jiyeon though who is busy filming for Dream High 2.

Check out T-ara's awesome photos from this event below.

Want to see T-ara Hyomin's photos from her High School days?  Look no further because here they are.

Hyomin proudly shared her old yet lovely photos and expressed, "The sticker pictures that were taken during my 3rd year in high school after my graduation ceremony~ㅎ The doodles and writings are so student-like as well. Kyakyakya".

T-ara's playful and cutie Hyomin is back with her favorite fruit, a Tangerine!

And she has prepared something for their fans sharing, "Psh!!! Instead, I've prepared a tangerine story for you all Magic lamp open~".

Dim the lights, here goes T-ara  Hyomin's Magic lamp. (How did she do that? ㅋㅋㅋ)

Prior to that Hyomin also expressed, "Those who waited in the musical performance theater at the Busan fansign venue T-T Due to the situation I wasn't able to meet up with each and every one of you as I would have liked to, I'm so upset and sorry about that... noona didn't know that there were friends I couldn't meet up with who waited for as long as 8 hours in front of the performance hall T-T I only found out now.. I'm sorry, I'll be sure to sign for you next time!"

Hyomin and Soyeon were in Busan yesterday for Gibalhan Chicken's fan sign event.  Check out their photos from the fan sign event here.

Hyomin also added, "The musical came to an end in Busan as well.. thank you to everyone who cheered us on until the end..! And today's fansigning event... it was really a precious time for us that we haven't had in so long.... there were fans who had been enduring the cold and who had been waiting for all this while and I wasn't able to sign for everyone.. it's so upsetting.. ah ㅜㅜ".

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