What's the best thing about casting idols in a drama?  One of the top answer would be that they get to sing their own Official Soundtrack.  By saying that, it means they have released another one! It's Jiyeon and JB's collaboration track titled "Together".

Will this two be together in the end? Will find that out as the drama continues but here's something you shouldn't miss for the meantime, listen and watch the MV of their newest track below.

The girls of T-ara were featured on MBC Section TV's recent episode. There they had a fun talk and even tackled Hyomin's one day married life with Fu Xinbo on the Chinese We Got Married special.

Filmed from the set of their past pictorial, check out T-ara's fun cuts below.

On March 10th, 'Gibalhan Chicken' held their fan sign event in Busan and for this event T-ara's Soyeon and Hyomin were there to represent their group.

Check out Hyomin and Soyeon's photos from this event below.

From their photos, it's now time to watch T-ara's fancams from the "K Collection in Seoul" which was held yesterday.

Today, March 12th, It has been revealed that T-ara has been chosen as the new advertising models for the outdoor clothing brand 'Wild Roses'.

The CEO of Wild Roses, Yoo Jiho stated, "T-ara was chosen as models because of the fashionable image of T-ara as well as their individual personalities which fit well with the concept of Wild Roses brand. Wild Roses chose young stars to represent us because of our young, sporty and fashionable style".

As models, T-ara will help increase awareness for the brand and expand their audience.  They start shooting ads for the said brand by next month.

T-ara members have showed their beautiful hearts once again and proved themselves as a thoughtful and caring girl group.

March 11th marked the anniversary of the devastating earthquake, tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan last year and on the same day T-ara has announced that they will be donating all their royalties from their 3rd Japanese single "Roly Poly" to the victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The group stated that they want to give back the love that their Japanese fans have given them and help out the casualties by donating all of their royalty earned through 'Roly-Poly'.  T-ara also added that although their donation may not be a huge contribution, they still hope that it could help out many victims.

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