T-ara Soyeon and Hyomin's interview from OBS

Posted by nearnine March 14, 2012

Hyomin and Soyeon's tandem continues, from the location of their recent fan sign event for 'Gibalhan Chicken" here comes their interview from OBS.

After a long long while, the girls of T-ara finally received their well deserved vacation!

It was revealed that T-ara's Boram, Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin, Soyeon and Hwayoung have all began their holiday break since the 12th of March.  Sadly due to Jiyeon's filming for "Dream High 2" she couldn't take a full vacation.

The girls will be on a break until the weekend and its a good opportunity for them to recharge and relax before they return to their schedules and upcoming events

Of course their location on where they are having their break is a secret but for a hint, maybe Eunjung's newest photo can help.

Have fun and enjoy T-ara! 

Core Contents Media's CEO, Kim Kwangsoo has caught the attention of everyone again after releasing his press release stating that T-ara will undergo big changes this April.

On March 14th, Kim Kwangsoo stated, "The changes will encompass the team's music color, group concept and even possible changes in the members. Inside this big mold we are thinking of making changes to aid in the improved growth of T-ara".

They also stated that whether it's an addition of members, or replacing members, is not yet decided.

The officials continued by saying that the purpose isn't to remove or to add but to give the members who give effort and display their skills more opportunities through activities. This is intended to introduce the principle of a competition so the opportunities aren't given to the members who are prideful and lazy.

CCM's CEO, Kim Kwangsoo expressed, "I've had 30 years of experience and have done much with singers starting as rookies. After three years as activities as a singer, pride and laziness is effected. Stress becomes a bigger deal and it gets harder. You can't win the competition with this type of mindset. This is what has ruined a lot of singers. If there's no effort or there is no singing skills, the members will not be given parts (measures) to sing". Mr. Kim also added, to take T-ara onto another level and in order to develop the group further, T-ara's music style and concepts will change, including the group members. More information will be released on April 7th.

We are all open for a change but when it comes to changing or replacing some members of T-ara I'm sure all of us wouldn't want that to happen, right?  If that's inevitable then maybe they could just add another member, that would be more acceptable than removing a member.

All the girls were working non-stop and just received a break recently, I wonder how could they call that lazy.

Let's just hope for the best!  #7AraStayTogether

After signing as the newest endorsers of "Gibalhan Chicken", T-ara's promotional photos for the said brand has been finally revealed.

Check out T-ara's beautiful promotional photos below.


After seeing their preview photos from T-ara's first photobook "SPARKLE", I'm sure everyone already wanted to get their own copies.

The photobook was released on April 12th and you can now buy it.

T-ara's Eunjung has updated her profile picture once again!

Enjoying the beauty of nature, check out Eunjung's beautiful photo below.

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