Preorder Dream High 2's OST Album

Posted by nearnine March 16, 2012

Just like all dramas, "Dream High 2" will be releasing their OST Album on March 28th.

And with it including 3 of T-ara Jiyeon's songs namely 'Superstar', 'Together' and the yet to be released 'Day By Day', I thought many would want to buy it so here is the preorder link.


If you have already watched the 14th Episode of 'Dream High 2', I'm sure you have already seen this next clip.

If not here it is, a sneak peek at T-ara Jiyeon's solo OST song for 'Dream High 2' titled "Day by Day".

From the 14th Episode of Dream High 2, here comes the behind-the-scenes of Jiyeon and JB's performance of their duet song, "Together".

I'm sure you would like to see how cute and jolly Jiyeon is on the set, so check out the clip below.

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