We all know how T-ara's Hyomin loves photography and fashion, and it's good to know that she maybe hitting two birds with one stone in her upcoming project.

On the 20th of March her agency revealed that Hyomin is extremely interested in photography and pictures, and even holds a collection of cameras, they offered her to go to to Italy, Switzerland and Austria for a photoshoot project and she readily accepted with much excitement.

Hyomin will assist as a secondary photographer  for the overseas shooting of the seven-member rookie girl group consisting of Hwang Jihyun, Choi Sooeun, and Lee Haein where the photos will be taken as a teaser for the debut album of the girl group.

The agency also added, "The new seven member girl group's debut album teaser will be visually stunning like a CF or movie. They'll be introduced with a different look than ever before".

The seven member girl group which will debut in May consists of actresses Hwang Jihyun, Choi Sooeun, Lee Haein, and 2010 Supermodel runner-up Kim Hyeji. The other three members have not been revealed, but have an average height of 169cm.

With the success of 'Roly Poly' musical which starred T-ara's Hyomin, Jiyeon and Soyeon, the part two of the musical is now all set and not only that because they will also be adding Eunjung in the cast.

'Roly Poly 2' will show the friendship and rebellion of girls in the 1980s', and will also bring back memories from the older audience members. Aside from the four T-ara members, it will also include Kim Wanseon who will star in her first musical since her debut 26 years ago along with Jang Hyejin and Park Hyemi who have decided to continue to appear as cast members

A representative from the agency also stated, "The story of 'Roly-Poly 2' is different from the first. The audience had fun during the first, and they will continue to, but will experience a new concept with Kim Wanseon as cast".

T-ara Jiyeon - Day by Day Lyrics (English)

I have an old dream
Will I be able to meet you someday?
But I'm always at the same place
Wetting my cheeks with weak tears

When each day by day passes
I'm afraid my dreams will have lost its way
in the wind and disappear

Long ago, in my diary
Just like I promised
I hope you won't get tired day by day

Today, I dream yet again
I see myself smiling
My hope that I will meet you for sure some day -
I will wait until the day it becomes fulfilled

When each day by day passes
My dreams that come with the wind fill me up

Long ago, in my diary
Just like I promised
I hope you won't get tired day by day


Bringing us to the behind the scenes of "Dream High 2" plus a couple of short interviews is KBS' Star Date.

With T-ara's Jiyeon and the rest of the cast, check out their cuts from the show below.

T-ara Jiyeon's solo song for 'Dream High 2' is finally out and that means we can finally hear more of her heavenly voice.

Listen to Jiyeon's "Day after Day" below.

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