Held on the 20th of March, T-ara's Boram, Hyomin, Eunjung, Hwayoung and Qri were all present at the Global Summit about Nuclear Security in Seoul.

From this event, check out their video & photos below.

For those who have missed T-ara's Soyeon, this one's for you!!

She has just tweeted "Clapclapclapclapclapclap !!!!!!!! X100" to congratulate Jiyeon for the success of 'Dream High 2'.

Soyeon also didn't forgot to greet Boram by saying, "I had forgotten the ways of congratulating through tweeting.. my 3-level tone-deaf happy.birthday song and a kid sized chair for Rambbo♥ Countryside* mouse unni !! Happy birthday !! ㅡ From Seoul*mouse ..ㅡ".

Aside from that here's Soyeon's newest profile picture.

T-ara's Hyomin, Qri and Hwayoung will be appearing on the next episode of 'Get it Beauty' and with that here are some of their preview photos. 

Looks like Eunjung and Hyomin will not be alone in their Europe trip after all.  On the 22nd, CCM announced that all the members will go together to Europe for 9 days and 8 nights, and while on vacation, they will be insured for 10 billion won.

The group will fly to Milan and Venice, Italy then go to Austria and Switzerland and go back to Milan (exact date yet to be announced), and they will travel with their CEO Kim Kwangsoo along with actresses Hwang Jihyun, Choi Sooeun, Lee Haein and supermodel Kim Hyeji who are all part of CCM's new seven-member girl group who will film their Music Video across Europe and will make their debut this May.

The music video of the upcoming seven-member girl group's will be directed by the "Music Video King" Cha Euntaek. They'll also be joined by Song Saehyun, who is a popular fashion photographer along with 20 staff members. All in all, the trip will cost around 1 billion won and is all for the new girl group.

If you have thoughtful fans it doesn't need to be your birthday to receive gifts, and that's what Queens are.

After receiving her gifts, T-ara Hwayoung happily expressed her gratitude by saying, "I'm touchedddㅎㅎ Making tired Hwayoungie smile!!! Bbashyong~~~~~!! I'll gain strength!!!!".

The girls were all in a happy mood yesterday and it showed in their playful tweets not to mention Boram's Birthday which is today, March 22nd.

After snapping a photo with Eunjung and Qri, T-ara's Boram shared, "Title: Intrusive Rambbo (●öㅅö●)★" to which Eunjung replied with, "Eumeum~no no an additional dish Rambbo♥♥♥ ㅋㅋㅋ I love you Rambbooo".

It was then followed by another one where Boram also added, "Intrusive Rambbo has once again.again.again. made an appearance between my friend Lee Qri and her yunhanam( •̀ .̫ •́ )"

Looks like they finally got rid of the "Intrusive Boram" and so here's Hwayoung and Qri's photo where they wrote, "My yeonhanam^^ Rambbo keeps butting in.. our relationship heung!". (T/N: "Yeonhanam" = younger male)

But Qri quickly changed her mind and confessed, "To be honest I'm... Ham Baekgu's♡" to which Boram answered with, "Hul...(□□□□□□ㅅ□□□□□□) betrayed by the yellow things..." while Eunjung also replied "Come here!!! Uheung ㅋㅋㅋ Eungkyakya!!! ♥" followed by Qri's reply, "Uheung as expected you're my typeㅋㅋ" which forced Boram to playfully say, "I'm not going to talk to you-____-..." then Qri answered with, "Tiny Rambbo.. the moment you get any smaller is when your heart starts to get smallerㅋ".

After that Qri playfully shared, "There's someone who looks like Rambbo here~~!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ" with Boram answering, "Hey that wine-colored tiny teddy bear is that by any chance.. the in.tru.der(◐﹏◐) heuheuk ㄱㄱ.."

Boram paused for a break and said, "Rambbo's resurrection will continue. Jju ------------ wook!!(✷ㅅ✷)Keuahah!!" and when her birthday came in T-ara members started to greet her.  Qri expressed, "My friend Rambbo I sincerely wish you a happy birthday♥♥♥ I'll call you unni starting today ㅋㅋㅋㅋ".

Boram is now back and expressed, "Following Rambbo's resurrection, today is Rambbo's birthday♥. Hehe" Our T-ara babies who came into my room and started singing me happy birthday as soon as the clock turned twelve♥ I almost died from the cute" ♥ To everyone who didn't forget Rambbo's birthday and congratulated me, my beloved people, and to everyone, thank you sincerely♥".

Hyomin also expressed her greeting by writing, "Rambbo unni's birthday!! Congratulations but ..!!!♥ I see our unni is turning another year older... let's work even harder!!!!! This dongsaeng who's younger by a few years (merong*^^*) will work even harder!!!! I love you Rambbobbo~^3^ ~3~3 3"

Boram also greeted herself by saying, "Happy birthday dear Ram.bbo♥♡Happy birthday to meー♩" I'll be a little more happier today than any other day♥(✪ㅅ✪)♥Hehh".

And in relation to that photo, Hyomin added, "Oh! I must be getting a little happier as well!! My hand and my baguette came out".

Eunjung also greeted her saying, "Our beloved Rambbo unni♥ She has a waaa~rm heart so I always end up looking for her, our oldest unni •_•)* Happy birthdayy! I like all of unni's sensibilities.... mentally, you're a pillar of support.... ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Be healthy and let's continue to hang in there just like now! And... I love you!!! Heheh I mean it!!!!!!!!!♥".

While Hwayoung expressed, "ㅋㅋ Happy birthday big unni~~^^ Stay healthy always and live for a long long timeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋhoo!!".

In her recent tweet, Jiyeon also expressed her birthday greeting to Boram.

T-ara members Twitter
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Posing cutely with our birthday girl is T-ara's Jiyeon!

Check out their adorable set of photos below where Jiyeon also expressed, "Our Rambbo unni happy birthday!!!!! I'll listen to you well from now on..ㅋㅋ Seriously I love you♥♥♥".

"Boram: Cuties in the cart. As many as 2"
Happy Birthday Boram! ♥

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