T-ara's cutie Boram wants to play

Posted by nearnine March 23, 2012

T-ara's SelCa Queen is back with another pair of cute and adorable photos.

When someone as cute as this asks you to play with her, would you dare to say no? Check out Boram's photos below.

On March 22nd, T-ara has volunteered with the Seoul Main Customs as their promotional ambassadors to help children with disabilities in a welfare facility.

For this charity event, T-ara will helped prepare potting plants with the kids and assist with meals for children and adults with disabilities.  A volunteer dentist and hospital staff also was there assisting people with dental diseases.

A representative from the Custom's, Kim Kiyoung also expressed, "This year we want to rebuild society by expanding our activities and spreading warm and bright love".

T-ara has once again showed that they are not just beautiful outside but also in the inside, check out their videos and photos from this event below.


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