Held last March 11th, the 'K-Collection in Seoul' where T-ara's Hyomin appeared as a guest who walked down the runway has been finally aired on TV.

That only means one thing, we can now witness more of Hyomin's beauty and charm following the photos which we have posted a few weeks ago.

Her loveliness, T-ara's Jiyeon is back with another lovely photo from iRiver.

Take a look at her adorable photo below.

Meanwhile it has been revealed that T-ara will head to Italy on the 10th of April and you can browse Eunjung and Hyomin's photos from their meeting here.  

The girls of T-ara were out again to film another CF and from it here are their photos from their filming set.

Prior to their European Trip where Hyomin and Eunjung will help in the project for CCM's upcoming girl group which will debut this May, they held their meeting today with for their preparations.

Aside from the two, the rest of T-ara members will also go to Europe for the group's Trip which will be documented and broadcasted.

They will head to Italy on the 10th of April to start their 9 days and 8 nights trip to Europe and before that here are their photos from their meeting.

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