While T-ara's Hwayoung is busy studying, someone's playing on her bed.

That's none other than Qri who cutely expressed, "I have no thoughts of leaving Hwayoungie's bedㅋㅋㅋ What do I do?ㅋㅋㅋ".  Additionally Eunjung who wanted to join also wrote, "Ackㅋㅋㅋshould I go to the dorm n..ow...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ" after a short while Qri shared, "Eunjungie has arrived!!!!! Kyakyaaaa♡".

From her update last night, T-ara's Hwayoung has revealed what has kept her busy the past few days.

She was busy studying for her driver's license test and she's not the only one taking it as she shared, "In the middle of studying for the driver's license test..the moment I was going to search for the answers to the things I didn't know on the internet, I turned on the notebook and.... it dieddddddddddd......!!!!!!!!ㅜㅜㅜ What do I do, Jiyeon and I were going to take our driver's license test tomorrowwww...hahahaha ahahah.." while T-ara's Eunjung cheered her up by saying "Woow ㅋㅋㅋ cute thingㅋㅋ hwaiting!!*".

Afterwards Hwayoung jokingly said, "What comes out the most on the driver's license test..? Give me a tiny~~hint shh shhㅎㅎㅎhehe~".

And today it was followed by, "Today~~~is the day I look around for electronicsㅋㅋ I'll find my baby somewhere!!ㅋㅋ But more importantly ah.. what'll happen if I fail my driving testttt....".

Good Luck to Hwayoung and Jiyeon!

Additionally here's Hwayoung's newest SelCa~

From "Pretty Boys for T-ara" here are Jiyeon and Hyomin's adorable photos.

Scroll down and prepare to witness their cuteness, specially from Jiyeon who is notorious when it comes to this kind of things. ^^

The lovely ladies of T-ara are back with their admirable photos from Tony Moly.

Take a look at Hyomin, Jiyeon, Qri, Eunjung and Hwayoung's beautiful photos below.

Following the good news that T-ara will release their 4th Japanese Single on the 23rd of May, it's now time to check out their lovely jackets from this upcoming single.

Were their photos not enough to make you buy oneT-ara has heard you and here they are with their promotional video for their 1st Photobook titled "SPARKLE".

Watch their promotional video below which also featured some photos from this photobook which will be released on the 12th of April.

Following their 3rd Single, T-ara is now ready to release their 4th Japanese Single which will be the Japanese version of "Lovey Dovey".

It will be released on the 23rd of May and will come in two versions, the CD+DVD which will include Lovey Dovey and Lovey Dovey MV (Japanese Version) while the CD will only have the Japanese version of "Lovey Dovey".

Stay tuned for the preorder links, for the meantime here are the preview photos from this single.

Meanwhile it was also revealed that T-ara will release their First Japanese Album titled "Jewelry Box" and it will be released on June 6th.

With all these planned releases, it's safe to assume that no one will leave the group.

A screenshot from a Japanese show has caught the attention of T-ara's Hyomin and made her say, "Was this a parody?? Everything's the same including the facial expressions. Wow~".

While Eunjung also replied with, "I saw it tooㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's daebak right!? The accessories, even the way the music video cuts is the same⊙_⊙;;!!".

Furthermore you can watch the whole Parody below.

We all know that T-ara's Hyomin is fond of taking photos as well as collecting cameras, and that's why a thoughtful fan has upgraded her camera, digitally, and here it is.


And after seeing this Hyomin expressed, "A fan upgraded my camera tada~" and added "This is that cannon camera we've only heard about through words,,, ㅋㅋㅋ as expected,, my fans always think beyond their imaginations".

This photo was from their meeting and you can browse more of their photos from it here.

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