With just five days to go before their European Trip, the members of T-ara are now busy preparing for it.

They will leave for Italy on the 10th of April and following their photos from their first meeting here are more of T-ara's photos.

As revealed last month, T-ara's company will announce all the planned changes on the 7th of April but wait, CCM's Kim Kwangsoo has changed his mind and they will announce it on the 6th of April, tomorrow, instead.

On the 5th of April, an official has revealed that the seven members of T-ara: Boram, Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin, Hwayoung, Jiyeon and Soyeon, will release new songs and promote this summer, along with the high likelihood of adding two new members to become a nine-member group.  Because the music industry is always changing and to keep people interested in T-ara, the seven member group have asserted they'll change into a nine-member group.

The change in T-ara is expected to recruit members from foreign countries but Core Contents Media is still being cautious about the situation.

An official also added said, "I can confirm that nothing is decided for sure yet. Kim Kwangsoo originally planned to reveal everything on the 7th, but decided to do an advance announcement to reveal everything on the 6th instead."

Let's all wait for the official announcement tomorrow, either way adding new members is better than removing one or two, right?

Following their scans from Japan's "Flash" Magazine, here comes another one~

Take a look at T-ara's sweet photos from a Japanese magazine below.

Long hair..short hair.. Whatever it is, it will suit T-ara's Hyomin but it seems like she's ready to grow her hair long again as she expressed, "The last short hair pictureㅠㅠ Goodbye now~".

Sporting her last short hair, take a look at Hyomin's gorgeous photo below.

After revealing that She will be taking her driving Exam a day ago, T-ara's Hwayoung is now back with a good news!

Hwayoung happily shared, "It's late news butㅎㅎㅎ Today I got a 91 and passed the written portion of the exammm!!!!ㅋㅋㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ I was so happy for the entire day I can't fall asleep!!! Keureureureureureung~~!!!".

About Jiyeon who also took the test, we have yet to hear about her, but I'm sure she also did well. 

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