T-ara's Boram Fell in Love to Thailand

Posted by nearnine April 8, 2012

With the warm welcome given by their Thai fans as well as the beautiful places in Thailand, it's definite that the girls of T-ara will love their stay and would want to come back again someday.

T-ara's Boram is not an exception and she expressed, "I ♥Thailand" and shared a photo of their lucky fans.

While T-ara's Soyeon also added, "See u...♥".

Following their fancams, here are T-ara's fantaken pictures from the 2012 "Korean Music Wave in Bangkok".

Check out their lovely photos below.

From their pictorial for a magazine, here are some more of T-ara Jiyeon's behind-the-scene pictures with Eunjung and Hyomin.

Take a look at their beautiful photos after the cut.

Many were delighted after seeing the members of T-ara and their photos with the "Moon" Brothers from "Hello Baby".

So why did they had a reunion suddenly?  Looks like the boys will be appearing in the last episode of "Pretty Boys for T-ara" and here's a photo of them from their filming with T-ara's Jiyeon and Soyeon.


The beauty of the members of T-ara can be compared to a Rose but they are definitely not wild.

Why did I say that? It's because here's the behind the scenes from their photo shoot for the brand named, "Wild Rose". ㅋㅋㅋ ^^

T-ara's Hwayoung wanted to visit the market in Thailand but too bad, look's like their schedule didn't permit that to happen.

Hwayoung shared, "I wanted to go to the Thailand market butㅜㅜㅜㅜ Ah....stomach's growling..." along with her cute photo.

As revealed a few days ago, T-ara will be releasing their first photobook titled "SPARKLE" this coming April,  on the 12th to be exact.

Their shooting was done in Tokyo, Japan at an amusement park wherein T-ara showcased different styles including innocent and mature women.   The said photobook will have 200 pages and here are some teaser photos from their pictorials.

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