T-ara's Jiyeon is back with another beautiful promotional photo for "iRiver".

Prepare to fall for her charm once again before you check out this next photo.

Taken from one of their pictorials, here comes Eunjung's newest profile picture on Twitter.

Check out her newest DP below~

After arriving on the 9th of April in Korea from Thailand, the girls of T-ara are now headed for their 9 days and 8 nights trip in Europe.

During this pictorial, Soyeon and Eunjung also took the opportunity to express their opinions about the changes in T-ara, Soyeon stated, "When we heard the member changes all of our members were surprised. The members think that if it is in the direction of helping T-ara, it should be a good direction to go". While Eunjung added, "If it’s an opportunity to help show an improved and more mature side of us, we will accept it and work harder to show a better side of us".

Their first stop is on Italy and here are their video and lovely photos along with Core Contents Media's upcoming seven-member girl group which will debut this May and whom Hyomin and Eunjung will help in their pictorial.

After enjoying their short stay in Thailand, the girls of T-ara made their way back to Korea on the 9th of April.

From their arrival, here are their video and photos.

Held on the 7th of April, here are T-ara's fancams from their performances at the 2012 "Korean Music Wave in Bangkok".

Cutie Boram is back with her cute hairstyle.

After trying a different style to her hair, Boram shared, "Pig.pig.pig.pigtails hairstyle (͏ ˉ ▽ ˉ)✧˖°." and revealed her adorable photos.

The adorable girls of T-ara are back to showcase their playful side.

In their recent photos the girls have transformed into cat women and Hyomin shared, "ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Will we be able to be the 'infinity challenge' in the music industry", followed by Eunjung who wrote, "Daebak incident, music musicㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ wah...I love you T-ara ...." and Boram who also added, "T-ara hurray ʕ•̀▽•́ʔ✧".

*Sadly, Jiyeon wasn't here again...

In addition to this Hyomin also continued to share, "It doesn't fit my eyes!!ㅋㅋㅋ Let's enjoy it~^^".

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