The girls are having a fun SelCa time today and coming from "EunYeon" and "MinYeon", look what we have here! "It's EunMinYeon" who have combined for a fun and random SelCas.

Check out Jiyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin's fierce yet adorable photos below where Hyomin's side comment was "It's French chic"~

Jiyeon also wrote the reason for their facial expressions by saying, "Tasting a pasta like this is a first...^^ one more Eunminyeon!" while Hyomin added "Let's start moving to another location".

Following "EunYeon" which is T-ara Jiyeon's photo with Eunjung, here comes her beautiful photos with Hyomin which she labeled as, "It's MinYeon~~♥" which made Hyomin smile and added, "MinYun!!^^".

Check out Hyomin and Jiyeon's lovely photos after the cut.

"One more MinYeon!!!"

From Italy, T-ara's Jiyeon is back with another adorable photo which she took with Eunjung.

Check out their cute picture below where Jiyeon also added, "It's EunYeon~~♥" while Eunjung responded with, "Eunyeonjoongae Eunyeon^^* kyakyakyak" and "Hugging and sticking to each other right now".

*Eunyeonjoongae is a play on words which means secret*

Hyomin also commented and said, "Wow how secretive.." followed by "What about Eunmin Eunmin....?'-'?" which Jiyeon then granted in her next batch of photos.

Coming from T-ara Hyomin's updates, here comes T-ara Eunjung who wishes everyone a good night.

After stopping by at Germany, the girls have now arrived in Milan and it's now time for them to take a rest~

The girls of T-ara have arrived in Europe and here are some adorable updates from Hyomin.

She started by sharing, "Arrived in Germany's Frankfurt Airport. From here, in an hour later, we're heading off to Milan.. should hurry up and get there soon so I'll be able to collect various things" and continued with "While strolling through the airport I saw an Austrian girl. She said she saw the drama I came out on. She called out "Gye..GyeBaek..!!" and seemed to be glad to see me. We took pictures together and I have it stored in my camera as well. My first memory!".

With T-ara's Eunjung, Hyomin also shared, "The two of us who made one of the world's biggest airports, Frankfurt Airport, into a mart with our ahjumma pose as if we came out to go grocery shopping", Eunjung also added, "All we need is a cart wherever we go ㅋㅋ".

Followed by Hyomin saying, "Also made a deposit on the way.." and to this Eunjung's comment was, "While praying for the lizard to not eat it all...ㅋㅋㅋ".

And lastly Qri also tweeted, "Arrived in Milan! It's midnight here. It's raining.." and Eunjung shared, "Arrived in Italy. It's past 2AM here. We're on the way to our hotel and whether it's because it's raining, the air is cold. My energy and mood as well. Hoho..ho".

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