While in Europe, many still recognized the members of T-ara which continues  to prove that the group and K-Pop is not only popular in Asia but in other parts of the world as well.

To express her gratitude to the fans who recognized her but mistook her as a member of another group Hyomin took a photo with the fans and expressed, "Oh~ Hyomin!! They greeted me like that so I gratefully took pictures with them for recognizing me, as I was leaving they said SNSD's Hyomin byebye~.... kpop is receiving a lot of love but it seems that there's still a lot of people who get mixed up, I should work harder^^".

When it comes to photo updates, T-ara's Boram wouldn't be left behind! 

Here she is with another cute photo where she shared, "In front of Milan's Castello_ Rambbo who wanted to fly. Kkeung"٩(-̮̮̃ㅅ-̃)۶".

Check out her super cute photo below.

With T-ara's Hwayoung this time, Boram shared "In front of Castello_ V♥".

Looks like aside from T-ara's fans in Europe, the pigeons also wants to take some photos with them.

With T-ara's Qri for example who wrote, "Go away pigeons~!" as she shared a set of photos where the pigeons kept on joining her.

It's T-ara's Qri and her lovely photo with Haein, a member of CCM's upcoming girl group.

Along with their lovely photo, Qri wrote "This is Milan! Reunited with Haeinㅋㅋ We kind of look good together??"

What can you say, do they look good together?

The girls of T-ara are having fun in Milan with their juniors!

Following Jiyeon and Hyomin's updates, here comes Eunjung's who shared "Took a picture while we were in the middle of filming with Eunbyul and Haein unni in front of Italy's Duomo!! Lively Eunbyul and Haein unni ..hehe♥ The 7 member group, be successful! (The 7 beauties'..group name is still..⊙ㅡ⊙)".

"One more!"

Just like Hyomin, here's Jiyeon's cute photo with the members of CCM's upcoming girl group.

Seeking help from the fans, Jiyeon wrote, "The 7 member group doesn't have a name yet~! Please give them a good name!!".

Can you think of a good name? While you're at it take a look at their adorable photo below.

To further improve their acting careers, T-ara has signed an exclusive contract with Management Koo, an agency which specializes in managing acting careers.

Management Koo stated,  "All of T-ara members have been working hard to become the best actresses. Not only in Korea, but in Japan and other Asian markets, T-ara are consistently becoming more popular as singers and actresses" and continued with "Compared to other groups, each T-ara member has their own image. In the future, the members plan to be more structured and take on a more active acting schedule, and because of their future plans, we made the contracts with them".

T-ara is still under Core Contents Media, their agency just allowed and gave them the aid of a professional agency to help them develop their acting careers further.

Management Koo is known for their system where they help their actors and actresses get professional help in letting their popularity grow in a variety of different acting fields. Their actors and actresses are able to go through smooth casting systems, while being able to get the opportunity to choose the roles of their choice, as well as rights to their modeling/image and various other fields. Management Koo in the future plans to go into film and drama production as well.

On another note, T-ara will begin new album activities in June and then celebrate their 3-year anniversary with their first solo concert followed by their Japanese Tour.

Just like a river, photos from T-ara and iRiver just keeps on flowing.

Check out their newest batch of gorgeous and lovely pictures below..

One of the reasons why Hyomin and Eunjung joined the European trip was to help CCM's upcoming girl group in their pictorials as the assistant photographers.

And now doing their "new found job", here are Hyomin and Eunjung's photos from Milan, Italy.

With Soyeon missing in action, who's the 7th person in these next set of photos?

She's not T-ara's newest member but she's Bae Yunjeong who shared, "With the T-ara kids in Milan ^^ How is it, do I look like an idol too??ㅎㅎ".

For those who have waited, T-ara's SelCa Queen is now back with her updates from Milan.

Boram who met some fans shared, "At a cafe nearby Milan's Duomo, with the fans I met (ˊ● .̫ ●ˋ)".

Followed by, "With the grandfather flower shop owners, on a street near Milan's Duomo, who were more than willing to take pictures with Rambbo.(❁ㅅ❁)".

And lastly her trademark photo where she adds some effects or hearts, Boram wrote, "Green tea.Cola.Green tea.Cola♩".

Looks like there's an uninvited man on T-ara Eunjung's newest SelCa, or maybe not?

After taking a photo, Eunjung playfully shared, "Wow. I was trying to take a selca and some restaurant waiter suddenly slid right in and -click-...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ^^".

T-ara's Hyomin is back with some more updates to inform us on what's keeping them busy in Milan.

Hyomin started with, "The first morning spent in Milan. In the middle of having all kinds of talks in regards to today's filming plans in downtown Milan but since we were busy eating,,hohong".

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