G-Market to Open T-ara's Star Shop

Posted by nearnine April 13, 2012

Yesterday we have posted T-ara's photos from G-Market, what were they for?

It was revealed that G-Market will open a Star Shop for T-ara which will last until the end of next month.  The said Star Shop will showcase spring fashion items that T-ara put their personality into.  Aside from that, there will also be videos of T-ara to promote the products.

The marketing chief of G-Market stated, "Girl groups in Korea are represented as fashionistas, and with the newly updated Star Shop, T-ara will be able to appeal to young women in their 20's to 30's. We believe there will be a great response from customers".

They also revealed that G-Market will also be giving away prizes to customers who buy from T-ara's Star Shop including signed CD's and iRiver headphones.

The girls of T-ara and the rest are about to start their photo shoots once again and just before that here's another update from Jiyeon, her lovely photo where she shared, "Cheerfully~ beginning filming!".

Check out her newest SelCa below which is also her current display photo.

Still from Milan, here are more of T-ara Soyeon's beautiful polaroid photos.

Along with the photos Soyeon shared, "Milan♥ Every wall has a different color and grafitti that suits it, nicely parked older model cars that look a little like classics, and a kind shop owner young lady and her really cute dog Mako *".

"with MAKO *"

Following the first update where Soyeon wrote "Milan 20120412 ♥ * Duomo Square , thanks to everyone's energy, the weather today is very clear!".

With the main photographer of their project, here is T-ara Hyomin's photo with Jo Saehyun.

From her recent batch of updates, Hyomin expressed "I've only tried taking pictures.. now that I'm learning how to do it properly, it's really difficult. The fact that pictures come out better when you're with someone you're comfortable with. How can I be able to make someone feel comfortable! It's complicated~~~".

And to this Jo Saehyun replied with, "Don't worry Hyomin-ah! You may worry, but just don't lose the passion that you have now. Around the time this trip comes to an end, you'll be able to see what you haven't been able to in the past^^ When I see your gaze behind the viewfinder, I want to ask why you haven't started photography sooner♥". \

He also praised Eunjung by saying, "Eunjungie's photography skills are really wonderful^^ But I'm sorry for not answering every question of yours ㅠㅠ.. Let's work even harder filming starting tomorrow! Hwaiting Ham Eunjung!".

Lastly, Jo Saehyun shared "Likes taking pictures and loves the camera, my brilliant pupil,, taking a proof shot with Hyominnie in Milan! Heading to Venice tomorrow~".

After Soyeon, here comes T-ara Hyomin's newest update from Milan!

Taken from the same place, Hyomin shared "This is in front of the Duomo in Milan! In the middle of filming the teaser with our 7 member unnies, even though it's been an 8 hour long filming, everyone thank you so much for cooperating well without getting tired~".

Following that, Hyomin revealed her photos with the upcoming 7-member girl group and said, "And! Our 7 member group unnies don't have a name yet... what will be a good one! Open for ideas~!!".

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