Following their preview pictures, it's now time to watch the behind-the-scenes of T-ara's pictorial for the 34th edition of "The Big Issue".

Lovey Dovey Dovey Uh Uh Uh Uh....

Following their first batch of videos from their European trip called "Freedom", here comes their first photos as well.

Check out T-ara's gorgeous photos taken from the beautiful place of Milan below.

On the 14th of April, it was revealed that T-ara's Eunjung was robbed of 23,000 Euros in Italy, that's approximately $30,078 USD or about 34 Million Won in Korea.

Eunjung was put in charge of managing the budget of T-ara and CCM's new seven-member girl group. The incident happened on the 12th of April 5PM CET where the group took a short break during their shoot at a cathedral square in Milano.  During that time, Eunjung went to purchase some coffee when she was mugged, and lose her handbag to a thief.  

23,000 Euros is a really large sum of money but thankfully their passports weren't on the said bag as it was kept by a different staff member and most importantly Eunjung was not hurt as well as the other members.

To this Eunjung expressed her grief by saying, "I'm so sorry to T-ara and the other seven members. I will reimburse the money when I return to South Korea".  While the others expressed, "She did her best as our guide. She was robbed while she was working hard, so it's ok".  Eunjung continued with "We were able to successfully complete the filming due to the other members who stood by and comforted me".

Additionally a staff member revealed that, "After the filming was finished, Eunjung went back to the hotel and cried all night".

Through her Twitter, Eunjung also expressed, "I like making myself feel emotional. It's difficult to even think of two people who can make me feel relieved. I'm still sensitive. This means the moment I turn weak is already set in stone and that also means I'm well aware of when that time will come. However many years it may be" followed by "Cramming. Should I run away or face it, a fresh start the next morning, I suppose. It's nighttime now...".

T-ara continues their European Trip and it looks like they have now transferred from Milan to Sirmione and Venice Italy.

Soyeon shared, "Sirmione today♥ A place where everything looks beautiful.. all except today's weather ; Milan, Sirmione, and even here in Venice... 20120413 *".

Check out her newest set of photos below.

Seems like T-ara's Boram is now tired of being a cute girl, she's now ready to show another side of hers.

In her recent update, Boram shared, "Rambbo who wants to become a ladyㅡ❁"" and shared her beautiful photos wedding a mini dress.

Wearing their black outfits here are the beautiful Qri and Soyeon of T-ara.

Check out their pair of beautiful photos below where Soyeon labeled as, "Black girls * Qri , Soyeon".  And yes the pigeon wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to take a photo with Qri again just like from her past updates. ^^

Coincidentally, it's "Black Day" today, an informal holiday in Korea where singles gather to eat Jajangmyun (Black Bean Noodles).

Flawless Hyomin is back with another pair of lovely photos.

Taken from her room where it seemed that she has just woken up here are Hyomin's gorgeous photos where she also shared, "It's Friday the 13th.. ah~ I should get up and leave soon.. I don't want to get up-".

From their shoot here comes another pair of beautiful photos showcasing the transformation of Hyomin and Jiyeon.

It's Photographer Hyomin and Director Jiyeon?  With this next photo Hyomin also wrote, "Park Director's advantage is having a loud voice".

Afterwards, Jiyeon shared, "I should store everything in here!!".

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