It's T-ara's beautiful Jiyeon with Somin, a member of CCM's new girl group.

While waiting, the two posed for a SelCa and here's the outcome, just lovely~

Wearing her gorgeous smile, beautiful dress and a pair of sneakers, that's T-ara's Qri who never fails to mesmerize everyone with her beauty.

Now she's back to show off her beautiful legs in her newest photo~

Looks like the man on the rightmost side of the photo really loved what he was seeing at that time?

From their shoot at Verona, here comes Boram's newest set of lovely photos.

Our baby is definitely now a lady, she may have had a hard time coming up with poses as she expressed, "Posing is difficult indeed", but you wouldn't notice it, specially if the photos are this good.

T-ara has finally opened their official fan cafe on Daum!

You can visit it at, along with it Core Contents Media has also opened their Social Networking Accounts on Facebook, Twitter as well as their Youtube Channel. 

Here are CCM Ent's accounts, Follow them on Twitter at, like them on Facebook at also if you haven't yet, you can also like T-ara World's Fanpage on and lastly check out their official Youtube channel at

You'll need a Daum account to join T-ara's Fan Cafe, but even if you have joined and can't read/understand Korean, you will not be able to do much but don't worry we'll always share the updates here.

In promotion of the online auction and shopping mall, here are T-ara's gorgeous promotional photos for G Market.

These girls are just so lovely and there's no way that you wouldn't love them, check out their video and pictures after the cut.

Following her first batch of updates from Switzerland, here comes T-ara's Hyomin and her lovely photos which were taken during their stay in Venice.

Let Hyomin who wrote, "Welcome to Venice~" tour you through her beautiful photos.

As revealed a few weeks ago, T-ara will be documenting their European Trip and will name it as "Freedom".  The group will travel across Italy, Venice, Switzerland and Austria and with their 9 days and 8 nights trip, T-ara will showcase their charms through this videos.

They have now revealed the first batch of videos and you can now watch them below.

I am T-ara! v2 [Answer]

Posted by nearnine

Here comes the second edition of our feature post titled, "I am T-ara" where we post blurred/cropped photos of T-ara members and all you need to do is guess who it is.

Take a look at the photo of our next member and leave a comment if you know who she is and come back tomorrow to find out the right answer.
"I am a T-ara member, Who am I?"

Just like the first, some got it wrong and some got it correct!

It's time to reveal the answer, and our featured member is none other than T-ara's Hyomin! ^^

Did you get it or not?  Stay tuned for the next post. Till then, spread the love for T-ara ^_~

Just like Eunjung and Soyeon who have revealed that they have arrived in Switzerland, here comes T-ara's Hyomin with her own update.

Hyomin started by teasing, "From Milan to Venice, we've finally arrived in Switzerland today~ Personally documented stories while in Europe.. should I slightly reveal them??".

Following that she also revealed the photos of CCM's new 7-member girl group and added, "Morning 7 members~ Their barefaces are clear too ^^".

Hyomin also shared, "While filming the 7 member group's teaser! Hyeji who's diligently monitoring".

Hyomin continued to share her photography by saying, "All of the beautiful colors that exist in this world gathered together in one place at Venice's Burano.."

She also shared a photo of a kid and said, "A little kid I met in Venice.^^".

Core Cotents Media has opened their online shopping mall called "C#" and can you guess who are their models?  Of course it's the girls of T-ara along with their other artists.

Check out T-ara's beautiful photos from the shopping mall below, some of these photos were already seen from their pictures from G-Market~

After conquering Italy with their charms, T-ara has now arrived in Switzerland!

Last night, T-ara's Eunjung shared, "In the car on the way to Switzerland from Italy.. when are we going to arrive...? Kkeuaaaang I should have at least brought a neck support pillow with me! It's 2 minutes before it turns 12!" she also continued with, "While we were on our way, we stopped by a rest stop... there's a lot of wine at the rest stop too!!!♥ The wine here starts from 3 Euros, and there's a lot of different prices ㅠㅡㅠ Ah.. curious.. I could've found out how much Italian wine cost when we were there.... but it's hard to carry it around so I said my farewells...OTL."

Also earlier today, Soyeon revealed, "Arrived in Switzerland ♥ It's still dark at dawn but I like the clean and charming neighborhood and the atmosphere of this simple and well-kept small hotel ! Soyani feels this way! * hee I should go sleep soundly for three hours ;".

Swiss fans, are you ready to meet T-ara?

It's T-ara's Eunjung with Haein and Somin, the members of CCM's upcoming girl group.

Check out their adorable photo below as Somin shared...

 "Haein unni, Eunjungie and Sominnie•_•"

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