T-ara Hyomin goes solo in Switzerland

Posted by nearnine April 18, 2012

Earlier today, T-ara members arrived back in Korea and among their pictures from the airport, T-ara's Hyomin was nowhere to be found.

That's because she was left behind in Switzerland to do some more work and here she is with her adorable updates where she expressed, "I want to go back~~~~~~ Parodying 'Peppermint Candy' in Switzerland" to this Eunjung responded with, "Aii pretty, come back soon"

Hyomin then replied to Eunjung with, "I'm going I'm going!! Make me kimchi stew in 12 hours by the time I get there♡".

Hyomin also added, "I'm not spreading out my legs [for the 'Peppermint Candy' parody].. "큰 대자" is more like it =_=" .
Note: It's the the character "大" character.

In terms of SelCas, T-ara's Hwayoung was missing in action during their European trip, right?

Don't worry because it looks like she has finally found time to upload some of her photos and here they are.  Hwayoung happily shared, "Heeeee~~ the sky that was really pretty in Venice, minus it being cold ㅡㅡ;;; ㅋㅋㅋ".

Followed by her beautiful photo where she wrote, "I'm....a woman now...hehe".

And lastly a photo of her where she was about to fly hehe, Hwayoung added, "Fly Ryu Hwayoung~~~~~!!! Jump!!!!!!!!!!".

Earlier today, before the sun fully rose, T-ara arrived at the Incheon airport in Korea after completing their European trip.

Following their arrival, T-ara's Soyeon shared, "I'm eating food prepared by my mother right now !!ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Mom's kimchiㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ♥♥♥♥" folowed by Eunjung who responded with "Ah that's daebak ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Me too!!!!~~~~~" and added "It's Korea!!!!!! Kimchi, kimchi stew, Mookeunji, green onion kimchi, soybean paste, soybean paste stew, our country's plump cooked rice, Cheongyang pepper, red pepper paste, sesame leaf, ddeokboki, kimbap, crab marinated in soy sauce, samgyupsal, ribs...... ah..... I'm going to eat them all!!!!!!!! And..exercise...too...ㅋㅋ"

Eunjung also continued to say, "My first meal once I got to Korea: halibut, octopus, sea urchin, sea cucumber, and personally made red chili-pepper paste. It's kimchi stew and cooked brown rice ... mom.. you already know that I love you...♥".

Check out their photos from their arrival below.

I am T-ara! v4 [Answer]

Posted by nearnine

Here comes the fourth edition of our feature post titled, "I am T-ara" where we post blurred/cropped photos of T-ara members and all you need to do is guess who it is.

Take a look at the photo of our next member and leave a comment if you know who she is and come back tomorrow to find out the right answer.

"I am a T-ara member, Who am I?"

Our featured member is definitely none other than T-ara's Boram! Way to go everyone! ^^

From their stay in Milan here are more photos taken by Hyomin who expressed, "Admiring the street band at Straf bar on the streets of Milan,, they're calling out people by singing... ah. I really like it..!".

Check out the photos taken by Hyomin.

Hyomin's Twitter

Taken by "Photographer Jiyeon" here is Hyomin's picture perfect photo with Jo Saehyun who expressed, "The teacher and the student who became practice models in the middle of our photography lesson at the restaurant~ㅋ~ Park Jiyeon's work of art~ The good balance between Jiyeon's deep sense and Hyomin's acting ^~^" to this Hyomin responded with, "Am I really acting..!".

These girls are so lovely and talented! Check out Jiyeon's work of art below~

If you loved them you can soon own them, that's "T-ara's Cry Cry & Lovey-Dovey Music Video Collection".

This DVD/Blu-Ray release will include the following:

1. "Cry Cry & Lovey-Dovey" MV Drama ver. * ディレクターズ カット
2. "Cry Cry" MV Dance ver.
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4. "Lovey-Dovey" MV Zombie ver.
5. "Lovey-Dovey" MV in Tokyo ver.
6. "We Were in Love" with Davichi MV
7. "Cry Cry" & "Lovey-Dovey" Making

It will be released on the April 25 and is now available for Preorders.

[DVD] T-ara's Cry Cry & Lovey-Dovey Music Video Collection

[Blu-Ray] T-ara's Cry Cry & Lovey-Dovey Music Video Collection

Here comes Eunjung's pair of gorgeous photos shared by their mentor in photography, Jo Saehyun who shared, "The picture mania who looks great on the streets of Milan~ "Ham Eunjung pose" This should be enough to look cool, isn't it?" while Eunjung cutely responded with "I only look cool because I'm holding a camera ㅠㅠ♥ Aigoo..".

Check out her cool and gorgeous photos below.

For those who loved the first batch of their photos, look what we have here, it's 'EunMinYeon' again!

From photographer Jo Saehyun who shared, ""Eunminyeon's photo play" is that right? I found it while we were traveling together,, I didn't realize it at the time, I really like this picture which captures Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon's innocence. A photography student who was only crazy for pictures, a cut that reminds me of those times^^".

Check out the adorable photo of this lovely trio below.

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