T-ara is back from their short "vacation" and their back with their usual activities as well.  Following their appearance from the event by the Korean National Police yesterday, here's what they had for today, a fan sign event for their fans.

Watch their video and check out their lovely and gorgeous photos from Look Optical's fan sign event below.


T-ara graces the 34th issue of the "Big Issue Magazine" and for a preview here are their beautiful photos from this magazine.

*Looks like they shoot this when Soyeon was injured,  that's why she's not here*


*Looks like they shoot this when Soyeon was injured,  that's why she's not here*

You can also watch their BTS video from their pictorial for this magazine here.

Coming from their first batch of photos from CCM's Online Shopping Mall, here are more of T-ara's lovely promotional pictures.

Let's check out their beautiful and fashionable photos below.

Want some more of "EunYeon"?

Here you go! Check out Eunjung and Jiyeon's gorgeous fantaken photos which were taken during their stay in Milan.

Upon their return, here's what welcomed the members of T-ara, the loud cheer and whistles of their fans from the Police department.

Watch T-ara's fancam as they perform "Lovey Dovey" from Korean National Police Agency's event.

Along with CCM's new girl group and photographer Jo Saehyun, T-ara's Hyomin has finally returned to Korea on the 19th of April.

Check out Photographer Hyomin's video and photos from the airport below, meanwhile photos of other T-ara members from their arrival yesterday can be found here.

I am T-ara! v5 [Answer]

Posted by nearnine

Here comes the fifth edition of our feature post titled, "I am T-ara" where we post blurred/cropped photos of T-ara members and all you need to do is guess who it is.

Take a look at the photo of our next member and leave a comment if you know who she is and come back tomorrow to find out the right answer.

"I am a T-ara member, Who am I?"

Is it Qri...or Hwayoung?  Some were confused but here's the answer, she's T-ara's Ryu Hwayoung! ^^

T-ara's Qri is back with another adorable SelCa and along with it are her cute purchases.

Though she was tired, Qri happily shared, "Cute shower gels I bought at a German duty-free shop.. they're so cute, I'm so tired.."  In addition to this, it seemed like the shower gels didn't caught the attention of Eunjung as she just responded to Qri by saying, "Unni's so cute ㅋㅋ".

It may have been one day late compared to other T-ara members but nevertheless T-ara's Hyomin who went solo in Switzerland has now finally made her way back to South Korea.

Before they leave Europe, Hyomin expressed, "It's a pity but I'm coolly saying bye bye to Europe~~ Our schedules during the 8 nights and 9 days in Europe, spent together with the 7 member group, have all come to an end. I wanted to do more things, there's still a big feeling of wanting more.. but!! We still have our very fun stories that were documented through cool videos and pictures ^^".

She continued by sharing their photos and said, "All of our staff members including the 7 member group have all worked really really hard!! And me too.... I went through a lot!!! Heh heh.^^ So, they're saying that the 7 member group will have to have a daebak no matter what..".

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