In celebration of T-ara's 1000th Day, their fans in Korea put up a bus advertisement to express their greetings. The advertisement which was made possible through voluntary contributions will be seen on buses 262 (Yeouido-Jongno-Myeonmok) and 721 (Bukgajwa-Jongno-Konkuk Univ.) and will run for a month beginning today.

Prior to this Qri expressed her thoughts about their 1000th day in her recent update while the group also expressed, "We can't believe it has already been 1,000 days since our debut. We thank our fans for their congratulations and support, and we'll continue to show our best in the future".

Meanwhile T-ara left for Japan earlier for their promotions which will last for about a half a month.

Before they release they release their 1st Japanese Album, T-ara will release their 4th Japanese single first.

That's "Lovey Dovey" which will be released on the 23rd of May and you can now preorder it.

【CD】 "Lovey-Dovey (Japanese ver.)"
【DVD】 "Lovey-Dovey (Japanese ver.) Music Video"
Initial press of all versions comes with a B2-size poster, only available while supplies last.
This edition comes with a trading card (one randomly chosen from eight available styles), a picture label featuring all the members.

【CD】 "Lovey-Dovey (Japanese ver.)"
Initial press of all versions comes with a B2-size poster, only available while supplies last.
This edition comes with a picture label (solo version, one randomly chosen from seven available styles).

It's another pair of adorable photos from T-ara's Boram, who shared, "Aigoo aigoo_ I fell asleep as soon as I came back from our schedules, I woke up and my eyes are wideeee open (◔_◔*)".

Following that she also shared, "I ♥ Green Tea".

Ahead of the release of their 4th Japanese Single "Lovey Dovey", the girls of T-ara have now left for Japan to prepare for their promotions.

Additionally the teaser video for the "Lovey Dovey" MV Japanese Version will be aired in Japan tomorrow.

From Gimpo International Airport, here are T-ara's photos from their departure.

It was indeed a special day for our Birthday girl yesterday and her loving fans just made it more special by preparing a surprise for her.

T-ara's Hwayoung happily shared, "ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Fans prepared a surprise event for my birthday yesterday!!!.... Oh my god~~~~~!!! I felt like flying..ㅜㅜㅠㅜ keureureung~ I will work even harder!!!!!!!".

Following that, She also shared the gifts from her fans, looks like there's an iPad in there, right? Just what Hwayoung wanted. ^^

Hwayoung's Twitter
Trans by diademtweets

April 23rd marks T-ara's 1000th Day since their debut, another special day following Hwayoung's Birthday yesterday.

T-ara's Qri who remembered it expressed her thoughts by saying, "Today is T-ARA 1000Days.... I love you T-ara I love you forever, thank you, let's stay together forever".
July 29th of 2009 was just the beginning and there will be no end...
T-ara Forever!

Taken from her arrival in South Korea last April 19th, here's an adorable GIF of T-ara's Hyomin.

Upon sharing it, Hyomin greeted her fans by saying, "It's been a while keukeu hi~~".

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