I am T-ara! v13 [Answer]

Posted by nearnine April 28, 2012

Here comes the thirteenth edition of our feature post titled, "I am T-ara" where we post blurred/cropped photos of T-ara members and all you need to do is guess who it is.

Take a look at the photo of our next member and leave a comment if you know who she is and come back tomorrow to find out the right answer.
"I am a T-ara member, Who am I?"

Wow! So far this is the post where only few got it correct. Out of 26 answers only three got them correct and those were Vyin Ho, Kira Yamato and t-arafan.  Congratulations! ^_^
(Answering with 2 members won't be considered so please refrain from doing that)

For those who missed it, our featured member is none other than T-ara's Qri.

Goodies and stuffs from "Wild Roses" continues to come our way!

Following their promotional videos and photos, the brand has now revealed T-ara's commercial films.

Watch T-ara's adorable CFs below.

From the clothing brand, named "Wild Roses", here are T-ara's lovely, adorable, cheerful... oh wait should I just say all-in-one promotional videos?

Full of T-ara's charm and beauty, check out their lovely promotional videos for 'Wild Roses'

From her recent update, T-ara's Soyeon reflected about her age.

Soyeon expressed her thoughts by saying, "I'm also a girl who's a little over 20 years old * Life's busy but still full of excitement, there's also a lot of things that I find interesting. Even though there are things that make me sad, angry, things I find difficult and tiring, I'm just like any other girl who's a little over 20 years old * Except one thing♥ Even with each passing day, my treasure allows me to return to my place where I feel comfort and stability☆ That's what I really like about it hee".

It feels like their busy schedules in Japan are really tiring out our beloved girls, but because of their passion on what they are doing and the fans who are always there to support them, I think that's what keeps them going.
Soyeon Hwaiting! T-ara Hwaiting!

Are you good in playing the "staring contest"? It's a game where two people stare at each other and the first person to blink loses.  If you are confident, maybe you can take revenge for T-ara's Hyomin who just lost her game.

In her recent updated, Hyomin playfully shared, "Had a staring contest with a squid so I lost...".  Sorry I forgot to say that it was against a squid, so are you still game? ^^

From Japan, here's an adorable update from T-ara's Qri who said, "Before going to bed, I was curious so I had a glass. I decided to show you all bbuingbbuing Good nightㅋㅋ" while Eunjung added, "Qri unni.. we need to go sleep. ㅎㅎ".

Looks like Qri had some delicious snack last night.

And for the "bbuing bbuing" part, here's Qri's cute photo.

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