After their promotional videos, here are T-ara's photos from Naver's "Happy Energy" campaign that will surely give you happiness.

Check out T-ara's beautiful photos from "Happy Energy" below.

There's no need to prove that the girls of T-ara are girls who knows how to fulfill their promises, right?

We have already seen it in action when they fulfilled their promise of riding the subway as well as doing a volunteer event, and now they are back with another promise.

After the release of their 4th Japanese single which is "Lovey Dovey", T-ara will release their 1st Japanese Album titled "Jewelry Box" on the 6th of June and with that impending release, they have promised that, "If T-ara's album can sell over 500,000 copies, T-ara will hold a free guerrilla concert in the cities of Korea and Tokyo, Japan".

On the 19th of April, the said album went on pre-sale and from it they have received a great response as it took the first and third place on Tower Records' daily sale charts.  T-ara's agency also added, "T-ara's first studio album 'Jewelry box' has received an explosive reaction and even ranked #1 in daily charts. The industry officials predicted it'll sell 300,000 - 400,000 units and we have high expectations for it".

Meanwhile the girls are currently in Japan for their promotions while also preparing for their upcoming concerts this June at the same time.

Promoting Naver's "Happy Energy" campaign, here are the girls of T-ara singing the Happy Birthday song.

Watch their promotional videos below.

T-ara's playful Hwayoung is back with another fun update and this time she want's to go somewhere!

Riding the baby elephant, Hwayoung expressed:
 "Let's go~~!! To the future!!! Let's go~~~~~~~".

How long will it take before she get there? What do you think? ^^

Held a few weeks ago was the "Korean Music Wave in Bangkok", back then we were contented watching the fancams and looking at their fantaken photos but not anymore because MBC has finally aired it! (just one performance though)

Watch T-ara's "Roly Poly" performance below~

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