T-ara Hwayoung is into what kind of colors?

Posted by nearnine April 30, 2012

From her recent update, T-ara's Hwayoung expressed, "Lately....I've been into pastel colors... spring must have arrived ㅎㅎ".

And with that, here's her photo holding up her colorful candies.

Judging by their clothes on the background, I guess the one on the left wearing a green short is Soyeon and the one wearing a blue skirt on the right is T-ara's Qri.  Maybe you can verify it here. ^^

What's keeping the girls of T-ara busy in Japan?

It's their pictorials and from it here's a lovely photo of Qri and Soyeon who shared, "Today's So*Kyul♥".

Check out Qri and Soyeon's attractive photo after the cut.

It's another treat from 'WildRoses', following their CFs and and Photos, the clothing brand has now revealed T-ara's wallpaper.

Still remember T-ara Eunjung's funny CF from KDB Daewoo Securities? Well, she's back with another one!

Check out Eunjung's newest CF for the said company below~

Just like T-ara's Soyeon, Jiyeon has something adorable to show us!

Check out her cute set of Polaroid photos below where Jiyeon also expressed, "Ahㅡeu I want to eat food prepared by my mom ..."~

Though she is sleepy, T-ara's Soyeon still managed to snap some adorable photos.

From the set of their pictorial, check out her photos below.  Meet the cute and pouting Soyeon.

Soyeon had to change her outfit, but she's still sleepy.

T-ara's cute Eunjung reminisced her childhood days after she got her jewelry candy.

Eunjung shared, "The jewel ring candy that I came across in Japan!!! When I was a little kid I bought a lot of them to eat to act pretty... heuheuheu. My mother would ask me why I was so energetic like a boy but I felt like I turned into a princess while eating this candy^^ Even though the taste is different, it's nice to see it here*".

After that she followed up with, "This.. jewel candy.. since I have something you wear as a ring in my mouth ... I put a sticker on my lips because it looks more childish than someone in kindergarten.. it's embarrassing...".

T-ara's Hwayoung continues to promote taking bizarre photos and look who she got to do one, it's their manager!

Hwayoung playfully shared, "Superman Jungwookie oppa~~!!!ㅋㅋㅋ Able to carry heavy things well~ able to carry heavy things well... ..... our oppa who carries things wellㅋㅋㅋㅋ hahah an energizer in his own way ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ".

Yesterday, Boram wasn't feeling that well but despite that, she still continued with T-ara's schedules.  She shared, "Being sick makes me sad but.... I really hate this. This deadly cold...".

After Boram's update Supernova's Sungjae cheered her up by saying, "Try to hang in there.." to which Boram answered with "I don't know whether you're saying that because I'm sick but even a single word said warmly is enough to give me strength. Thanks Sungjae-ya ^^ Let's not be sick!★".

In addition to that, T-ara's Eunjung also said, "Don't be sick!!!", followed by Boram's reply which was "Aigoo. Our Baekgu! Alright, I won't be sick♥".

Hours later, after finishing their schedules, Boram shared another pair of photo and expressed, "Today was a day where I ached in pain for the whole day, but I just came back from finishing schedules.(´ㅅ`v)* Let's all avoid getting sick".

Do you have some beauty rituals before you go to sleep?

I think here's T-ara Hyomin's, before she sleep last night, Hyomin shared, "I'm putting on a pack that I received as a present from a fan~ Taking a proof shot of putting on a pack is a first. It's already getting dry.. hurry up and make my skin clear".

Check out her adorable proof shots below.

After a few minutes, here's the result, meet the beautiful and fresh Hyomin of T-ara who also added, "Bbyororong sleep well~".

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