From their recent event which was held at Odaiba, Tokyo, here are T-ara's cuts from Mezamashi TV's report.

Prior to this T-ara members expressed their appreciation to their fans who came and I think this is what they were referring to.  T-ara's Boram wrote, "It rained heavily today, but in spite of that, Japanese fans graced us with their participation, and it was very good. Thank you very much, I'm grateful. Everyone!!! I ♥ YOU(•ㅅ•)☄*゚*♥" while Jiyeon expressed, "Our Japanese fans came to show their support despite the rain. Thanks to you, it left a deep impression on us, all our fans rock!♥".

T-ara Hyomin  also added, "It rained heavily but the passionate support that we received truly moved us. Please go home early and rest so you don't catch a cold. Let's meet again, with our fans. Fight".


Taken during their stay in Italy, T-ara's Eunjung has uploaded a new batch of SelCas.

Along with these photos, Eunjung shared, "I was skimming through the photo album and.... I found a picture from Italy, we were here the whole time it rained".

Moreover, from that set, here's another photo of Eunjung which she is now using as her Display Picture.

Wearing her favorite pair of skinnies, T-ara's Hyomin is back to flaunt her slim and sexy body.

In her update, Hyomin proudly wrote, "The hot pink skinnies that I love~~~" and shared a photo of her facing side-wards which showed off the figure of her slim legs.

Additionally here's another beautiful photo taken by Hyomin, her current display picture.

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