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Posted by nearnine May 6, 2012

Before heading out for their schedules, T-ara's Qri teased with "The fun begins now! ㅋㅋ".

What happened after that, we don't know, but one thing we are sure of, is that this next photo is another lovely one from pretty Qri.

It's another pair of tired-looking yet adorable pair of photos from T-ara's Boram.

Along with these photos, Boram shared, "Since morning. Been at the studio the whole timeㅡ✧˖°".

Hopefully they can have some rest when they go back to Korea which is tomorrow as revealed by Jiyeon who wrote, "Tomorrow, we return to Korea! Let's meet our Japanese fans during the tour!".

But before that here are Boram's adorable photos.

From T-ara's Hyomin, here's another perfect example.  Let's meet her underwater friends as Hyomin shared, "This is underwater~ An octopus, fishies, frogs, tadpoles and blue crab friends are happily underwater together ^^ My crafts made out of tissues, two tissues are enough to cure my boredom" after that she continued with "Those long things on the top aren't earthworms ㅜㅜ They're waves......" while Eunjung joined by saying, "The best!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ".

Here comes another cute photo from T-ara's Soyeon who snapped a photo while biting her necklace.

Along with it, Soyeon wrote "Oishi ! ;" which means delicious in Japanese.  It's not that they don't have anything to eat but it's because our lovely girls are so playful sometimes and that's one of the reasons why we love them, right?

Last month, T-ara's Soyeon showed her fondness to Maden's set of cute photos and today, she's back to do just the same with her other son from "Hello Baby".

In her recent tweet, Soyeon expressed, "Aigoo my son ♥0♥" and shared Mavin's screencaps from JTBC's "Shinhwa Broadcast".

Take a look at Madens adorable photos below.

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