T-ara's Qri and her beautiful photo with Boram

Posted by nearnine May 11, 2012

T-ara's Qri and Boram and are back to share another beautiful photo which they took in Europe, following their lovely update earlier.

Along with this beautiful phto, Qri also wrote, "'Oldest two' BboKyul picture".  Qri and Boram might be the oldest members in T-ara but it doesn't show in their beautiful faces, right?

After announcing T-ara's Official Fanclub name as "QUEEN's", Core Contents Media has now revealed the procedures on how to join.

It's open for Koreans and Foreigners and will cost 20,000 KRW for Koreans and $10 USD for foreigners, joining and paying is not compulsory but if you think the benefits of joining is worth it, then you may, specially if you live in South Korea.

Before joining, also don't forget to read the benefits of being a member first, which is also written below.

Please Read the Instructions Carefully:


* Period of recruitment : May, 8th 2011(Tue.) ~ 25th(Mon.)

* Membership Period : From 1st July 2012 to 30th June 2013.
* Method of recruitment : You can submit completed "application of membership" form to 
fant-ara@daum.net within 3days after remit membership fee.
* Membership Fee : Domestic Member KRW 20,000 - Domestic member means Korean or even you are
foreigner, you got mailing address and live in Korea.
Foreigner Member USD 10.00 - Foreigner member means you do not have mailing
address in Korea.
In other words, from July 2012 to June 2013, while you have mailing address, you are
Domestic Member. If not, you are Foreigner member.

* Account of Queen's : WOORIBANK 1005-702-037588 /
Account holder : Corecontentsmedia Co., Ltd. 코어콘텐츠미디어(주)
Please check following our bank details and you can remitte membership fee:
*Your name and remitter name has to be same.
* Please kindly fill in below application of membership form and send back us within 3days after you
remit membership fee.

Subject of mail - [Domestic] QUEEN'S No.1 application
1. Your real name + English Name(it has to be your passport name) :
2. Remitter name :
3. Remittance date,time(minute and second)and Bank name :
4. Date of birth (It has to be your passport date) :
5. Daum ID and your nickname :
6. Domestic mailing address :
7. Cell phone number :

Subject of mail - [Foreigner] QUEEN'S No.1 application
1. Your real name + English Name(it has to be your passport name) :
2. Remitter name :
3. Remittance date,time(minute and second)and Bank name :
4. Date of birth (It has to be your passport date) :
5. Daum ID and your nickname :
6. Nationality :
7. Mailing address(English) :
8. Mailing address(Your own language) :
9. Phone number : conuty code + area code + Phone Number:

♣Benefit of Membership.♣
1. Your membership rating will be upgraded and you can use 우수회원 BBS(bulletin board system)
2. QUEEN'S Membership will be given priority on a first-come-first-served basis
(우수회원 BBS will be announced first)
3. QUEEN'S Membership will be provided special card
(Special card can not be reissue )
4. QUEEN'S Membership will be provided Fan club inauguration & Fan Meeting in free.
5. QUEEN'S Membership will be given priority to reserve concert or Musical ticket. (May be changed)
6. QUEEN'S Membership will be provided limited specail goods (one time for membership period)
7. QUEEN'S Membership will be provided On-line newsletter(one time for membership period)
8. QUEEN'S Membership will be provided SMS service
(T-ara's coments, pictures and message (one time for membership period)
9. QUEEN'S Membership will be given priority to reserve tiara's other schedul 10. Preparing special benefit

*** Foreigner members of the mailing of loss or variation of an international postal rates and fees, including international mail due to lost or returned in a fair amount Not be recruited by the national membership dues more affordable, but as Article 6., you can not receive special limited edition goods. In addition, Article 8 of the SMS service also sent to members in the domestic mobile phone number please note that. However, except for the SMS service and Special Edition goods, and all other of membership card, members are the same as domestic. Please note that overseas members.

- Membership fee is not refund absolutely.

- After payment, you must keep receipt or online receipt for identity of membership until you get membership card.

- Membership card is not re-issue when the card is lost, damaged, but Please note that you can prove membership by receipt even you do not have card.

- Membership card, Receipt, transfer and confirmation if you lose all, the benefits of membership will not be received so please be careful.

- If you rental or transfer of goods supplied to members(Membership card, limited special edition goods),you will be deproved membership and you can not refund membership fee.

- Sure your membership is only possible pesonality. If impersonation of others or does not exist information, you will be deproved membership and you can not refund membership fee.

- An individual to transfer only one person amount is possible. You have to check you are Domestic member or Foreigner member and transfer exact membership fee. Lack of fee or if the excess is not refundable.

- After recruitment membership of the period, membership will be upgraded membership rating and you can find out membership name in 우수회원 BBS. Membership the list before the public, such as verification and confirmation of payment for the questions we do not ever answer.

T-ara Daum Cafe

T-ara's Soyeon, along with Yangpa and Seeya's Lee Boram performed their collaboration track titled "I Know" on today's Music Bank.

Needless to say, listening to their song was awesome but watching them perform it live is much better!

Watch their soulful performance below.

Showing her appreciation to the mugs that she saw, T-ara Eunjung took a picture of them and shared, "Pretty pretty !! Little mugs :D"

Take a look at the mugs below, they are really pretty, right?

Following that she also commented on Kyoi Park's photo of scented candles and said, "Cool cool good good ㅠㅠ".

And lastly Eunjung also expressed her thoughts and said, "There's a difference between a pang of excitement and a thrill. 'Help me', I call out but I'm already trapped underwater, and after I reach the surface, I still need to endure these stuffy and burning feelings for brilliancy. Shouting, tears, they're not visible underwater. Faithfully dreaming of greeting a brilliant morning instead of a cold and dark night...!*".

She also continued with, "Wah... the air is nice!!! The breeze too!!!! Suddenly feeling good *_* On my way, I was only able to walk for a few steps before stopping. The air and the breeze felt nice... on the way to your destination, have you ever stopped and held off on going.. have you ever tried to sit down anywhere. Has this ever happened? heuheut".

Don't be alarmed it's not a man, the one Qri likes is none other than T-ara's Boram.

Looking at the background, looks like these photos were taken during their stay in Europe and seen with their playful pose in the photo are Boram and Qri who also wrote, "I like you..".

Prepare to stop and stare, check out Qri and Boram's lovely photos below.

As their song titled "Bo Peep Bo Peep" says, "Follow me Follow me Come and Follow me", T-ara's Qri is back with the same line saying "Follow me.." accompanied by her attractive photo.

If someone as lovely as Qri tells you to follow her, I'm sure there's no way you would answer with "No", right? ^^
(Click the Picture for the Full Size)

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