Held  at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, here are T-ara's photos from their performances at the '2012 Dream Concert'.

Just looking at the pictures, you'll know what they performed, right? ^^

May 17th Update:


After browsing their hot photos from the Red Carpet event of the 2012 Dream Concert, it's now to watch their video.

Check out T-ara's videos from the red carpet event below~

Held last May 11th was Gyeongsangbuk-do's Sporting Event, an event which was graced by T-ara's awesome performances which included "I go crazy because of you", "Cry Cry", "Roly-Poly" and "Lovey-Dovey".

Are you ready for 15 minutes full of T-ara's charismatic performances? Check out their fancam below~

It's D-Day for the 2012 Dream Concert, a concert worthy of its name because it features all the hottest K-Pop groups to date.

And with that being said, T-ara would definitely not miss this.  From the concert's red carpet event, here are T-ara's hot and stunning photos.

Coming from their Music Bank stage last night, T-ara's Soyeon is now back with another performance with Yangpa and Lee Boram.

Showcasing their beautiful voices, watch their lovely performance below.

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