Sounds like the members of T-ara had a fun time watching a movie last night.

As revealed by T-ara's Hyomin who shared, "This road is.. the road.... on the way back home after watching a movie with the members".

What movie could that be? ^^

t-ara eunjung selca

Back with a new profile picture is T-ara's beautiful Eunjung~

Accompanied with some effects which made it more attractive, check out Eunjung's newest photo below.

t-ara eunjung profile picture

Following the mugs, here comes Eunjung's own items, her cool and adorable bookends.

Eunjung started by saying, "The horse on top of my desk. For some reason I don't like it when it's torn apart... so usually I have it stuck together. You're our horse so you don't need to hold up heavy things like books!!".

And then continued, with "So... I decided on moving the ahjussi I met in Daikanyama from the boxes to the desks. I think it'll be good to have this person support things like notebooks and books :D Desk cleaning is going smoothly, now to the bathroom...ㅋㅋ".

So which one do you prefer, the 'Horse bookend' or the 'Ahjussi bookend'? ^^

As we have posted before, T-ara will have their fan club opening ceremony on the 14th of July.

And following their video greeting which we have posted here as well, here's their newest group photo aiming to promote the event even more and to thank all the fans who have already joined as it was reported that an approximate number of 70,000 fans which also included fans from other countries have submitted their applications to join the fanclub.

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