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T-ara continues to show their support to their juniors.

Today, it was revealed that 'Gang Kiz' outfits for their debut stages will be styled by none other than T-ara's Hyomin. Prior to this, Hyomin also helped the group with their music video and pictorials and now we will see another talent of hers in action.

It was also revealed that Hyomin needed to find clothes to fit the group's concept and she looked for the past two days around Seoul to find the perfect stage outfits which she hopes will be eye-catching.

Hyomin also expressed, "Starting with May 18th's 'Music Bank' and then 'Music Core' and 'Inkigayo', please expect a lot from Gang Kiz's 'HONEY HONEY'. Please pay lots of attention, since I'm participating as their fashion stylist".

Gangkiz's mini-album was released yesterday, and their drama music video was released the day before. Both have been receiving hot reactions.

Even though both of them have long hair, there's no way that you would have a hard time knowing who is who, right? ^^

It's Kim Sungil on the left and T-ara's Hyomin on the right who shared, "Stylist Kim Sungil sunbaenim and I, Hyominnie, our Gmarket collaboration will open soon~~ ^^".

And while waiting for their collaboration, check out their lovely photo below.

Still from their European trip, T-ara's Hyomin is back with another gorgeous photo.

This time she's back to show off her leather jacket as she shared, "The leather jacket I bought in Italy for 40,000 won. I.. must be a God of shopping hohoho".

The God of shopping, check out Hyomin's photo below. ^^

t-ara jiyeon selca

T-ara's Jiyeon has shared another lovely photo of hers and it's seems that it's from their pictorial for their 1st Japanese Album named "Jewelry Box".

Along with it Jiyeon wrote, "In the middle of filming for our Japan jacket shoot~ There's not that much time left before our Japanese tour.. please wait a little bit!".

t-ara jiyeon selca picture

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