Here comes more of T-ara Hyomin's photos with stylist Kim Sung-il following her update where Hyomin revealed that he will collaborate with him for G-Market.

Looks like they have started working on it and here some more of their photos.

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t-ara boram jewelry box

After Jiyeon, it's now T-ara Boram's turn to share some pictures from their pictorial for their 1st Japanese Album titled "Jewelry Box".

Giving us a preview on what to expect from their album jacket photos, check out Boram's lovely photos below.
"Boram: Jewelry box*☆` Rambbo biting a flower 1."

"Boram: Jewelry box*☆` Rambbo biting a flower 2."

t-ara jewelry box

As we all know, T-ara will be releasing their 1st Japanese Album named 'Jewelry Box' this June and from the looks of it, it looks like they will be doing the same with T-ara's 'Lovey Dovey' single in Japan.

We're talking about their CD labels, and with that being mentioned, here are T-ara's CD labels for "Jewelry Box".

On the 16th of May the opening of "Seoul Forum 2012" was held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

The girls of T-ara were present and they graced the event with their performances, check out their pictures from this event below.

May 18th Update:

Following T-ara's gorgeous photos and their CD labels from their 1st Japanese Album, 'Jewelry Box',  here's more for everyone!

Check out T-ara's individual profile pictures from "Jewelry Box" below.

t-ara hwayoung selca

Wearing the same clothes from her SelCa Picture a few weeks ago, T-ara's Hwayoung is back with another adorable pair.

Along with them she also stated, "5.18 Today marks the day of the 32nd anniversary of the Pro-democracy Movement... let's not forget the sacrificial mindsets of everyone who fought against the unjust use of authority and power !!"  Hwayoung also continued with, "For those who want to know more about 5.18, please visit the 5.18 Memorial Culture Center and the Mangwoldong National Cemetery in Gwangju!! I'm a proud Gwangju citizen~^ㅇ^".

t-ara hwayoung selca picture

t-ara hwayoung selca photo

t-ara hyomin goodnight

Before going to sleep, T-ara's Hyomin didn't forget to greet her fans.

Short but sweet Hyomin expressed, "Good night~ I love you~~~♥" and shared a photo of her stuff toy holding T-ara's light stick from Japan.

Check out the cute photo below.

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