And SuByung's moments on the set of Invincible Youth Season 2 continues!

This time, their with SECRET's Sunhwa a member of IY Season 1's G7.  Showcasing their different poses, check out their cool photos below~

Everything is set and now T-ara's fans in Thailand will just have to wait for the 3rd of June to come.

It was revealed that T-ara's concert in Thailand at the Bangkok International Exhibit Center which can approximately hold 7,800 seats has been sold out.  This concert is T-ara's first solo concert in Thailand and if the response is like this, I bet the producers of this one would be enticed to produce another concert in the future.

Meanwhile T-ara's current leader, Soyeon has designed T-ara's own poster for their concerts in Thailand, Japan and Korea where she also wrote the dates of the concert as well as a description.

After their Thailand concert, T-ara will start their solo concert tour in Japan on the 19th by going to six Japanese cities while on July 14th, T-ara will have their fanclub opening inauguration ceremony for "QUEEN'S" and on August 11th, they'll have their first Korean solo concert.

As reported earlier this month, T-ara will be releasing their 4th Japanese Single "Lovey Dovey" on the 23rd of May, following that, they will releae their First Japanese Album titled "Jewelry Box".

They will release "Jewelry Box" on the 6th of June and here are more info about it.

*Undecided Song Order
1) Bo Peep Bo Peep
2) LOVE ME ! ~ あなたのせいで狂いそう~ (I Go Crazy Because Of You)
3) Apple is A
4) Keep Out (Japan Original track)
5) T.T.L ~ Time to Love ~
6) Roly-Poly
7) Breaking Heart ~ 私がとても痛くて(I'm Really Hurt)
8) コジンマル~嘘~(Lies)
9) ウェイロニ (Why Are You Being Like This)
10) yayaya
11) Cry Cry
12) Lovey-Dovey
13) T-ARATiC MAGiC MUSiC (Japan Original track)

The album will be released in three editions and they are 'Diamond' , 'Sapphire' and 'Pearl'

【Diamond Edition】 Purchase Link >>  $92.49
*Special Jewelry box package
*100P Photobook
*Trading Cards (1 Random Card out of 8 Types)
*Flyer of Lottery reservation ticket of Concert in Tokyo
*DVD (Video: Christmas Concert in Japan 2011)(90min)

【Sapphire Edition】Purchase Link >>  $45.49
*Special digipak package
*32P Photobook
*Trading Cards (1 Random Card out of 8 Types )
*Flyer of Lottery reservation ticket of Concert in Tokyo
*DVD (Video: History of T-ARA, since their Japanese debut)

【Pearl Edition】Purchase Link >>  $36.49
*Normal Package
*Trading Cards (1 Random Card out of 8 Types)
*Flyer of Lottery reservation ticket of Concert in Tokyo

Held last May 12th, the '2012 Dream Concert' has been finally aired by KBS!

That means we can now finally watch T-ara's "Lovey Dovey" performance from this concert.

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