T-ara and their lovely group photo from Japan

Posted by nearnine June 1, 2012

Mostly posing with their "Peace Signs", here's the lovely group photo of T-ara which was taken in Japan.

Check out the photo of the seven beautiful ladies of T-ara below.

On the 26th of May, 'Wild Roses' held their signing event with their gorgeous endorsers.

Those were none other than the lovely girls of T-ara and you can now watch and view their video and photos below.

June 1 Update:

Extending their greetings to YAMA&HOTCHICKS who recently opened their dance studio in Japan, here are the lovely girls of T-ara.

Check out T-ara's adorable clip below.

t-ara birthday gifts

Our beloved multi-talented idol who celebrated her birthday last May 30th has shared her photos with her gifts from her thoughtful and generous Korean fans.

Expressing her gratitude for all the gifts and greetings, check out Hyomin's pictures below.

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