Mark your calendars! June 9th is the day when T-ara Hyomin's guesting on 'Invincible Youth Season 2' will be aired.

And to tease everyone, here's the preview for next week's episode.

After leaving South Korea earlier today, T-ara has now arrived in Thailand.

There, they were welcomed by a lot of fans and upon seeing it, here's T-ara's Hyomin who snapped a photo of them and wrote, "Sawadee ka" which means Hello in Thailand.

Check out the photo of the lucky fans who got caught in Hyomin's photography.

Hyomin's Twitter

Through CCM's Online Shopping Mall, C# and G-Market, it has been revealed that T-ara's official T-Shirts will go available soon!

It will be released on the 4th of June and below you can have a good preview of T-ara's individual shirts.

Check them out and decide which one are you wearing?

Are you ready Thai Queen's?

It's just a day to go before T-ara's sold out concert in Thailand and the girls are now headed to you r country to make their final preparations.

From their departure, check out hot photos from the airport below~

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