Happy Birthday to T-ara's Park Jiyeon!

Posted by nearnine June 6, 2012

t-ara jiyeon birthday

In the year 1993, on the 3rd day of June, a baby who was destined to be a Queen was born.  We all know her now as T-ara's Park Jiyeon and she's celebrating her birthday today!

And with that, here's our simple video tribute for our awesome Queen, Park Jiyeon who is always there to brighten up our day with her cute and adorable SelCa pictures, make us laugh with her variety skills and lighting our world like nobody else~♥

June 7, 2012
~♥~Happy Birthday Park Jiyeon~♥~

Earlier today, we have reported that T-ara's Boram had to be hospitalized to receive treatment for her Acute Gastritis which disabled her from joining the event which T-ara had to attend.

That event which was held on the 5th was KY Kumyong Korean Embassy's Event in Japan and from it here are T-ara's video and photos.

After seeing her cute and lovely photos from G-Market, it's now time to watch the behind the scenes of her shoot!

Check out the behind-the-scene video of T-ara Eunjung's pictorial after the cut.

Aside from the tracks, the Diamond Edition of T-ara's first Japanese album "Jewelry Box" came with the DVD of their Christmas Concert in Japan.

From the said DVD, here's a clip featuring Jiyeon's performance where she was dancing to "Look At Her Go" by T-pain plus the cute Japanese song.

T-ara's first Japanese album named "Jewelry Box" is now out and from it here are some of T-ara's songs.

Listen to T-ara's awesome tracks below.

T-ara Jewelry Box Photocards

It's D-Day for the release of T-ara's first Japanese Album named "Jewelry Box" and from it here are T-ara's photocards.

Only have the snapshots of Eunjung, Jiyeon and Soyeon so far but we'll update with the rest when they available.


Meanwhile here are the snapshots of T-ara's albums as displayed on Japan's Tower Records.

It was revealed that T-ara's Boram has an Acute Gastritis, a sudden inflammation of the stomach lining resulting in abdominal pain or other gastrointestinal symptoms.

Core Contents Media revealed, "Boram was unable to attend a schedule on the 5th due to coming down with acute gastritis. We took her to the hospital immediately and had her receive an examination. She is now hospitalized and receiving treatment".

The representative from their company continued, "She must’ve been nervous because there were more overseas activities lined up after their Thai concert. She must’ve had problems with something she ate while in Thailand, and that combined with the stress she was under impacted her system. T-ara’s Japanese agency has taken Boram out of all of her schedules for today. We will be checking her condition as she continues to receive treatment".

Core Contents Media added, "Boram will not be attending schedules with the T-ara members until the 11th or when her situation becomes better. There are still not solid results on the hospitalization test results, but we will keep a close eye on her health".

Acute Gastritis is not a serious illness but it can be, if left untreated, so thankfully they have already found out about it and Boram is now receiving treatment.  Let's all pray for T-ara Boram's quick recovery.

Meanwhile T-ara will will kick off their Japanese Tour starting in Nagoya on the 19th of June, they will perform in six cities in Japan for a total of 11 concert performances.

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