T-ara Qri and her batch of beautiful photos

Posted by nearnine June 8, 2012

Pretty Qri is back with another batch of lovely SelCa pictures to liven up your Friday night!

Check out her newest set of photos below.

If the Diamond Edition of Jewelry Box came with the DVD of their X-MAS concert, the Sapphire Edition came with the DVD which featured the "The First Story of T-ara" in Japan, T-ara's history since their Japanese debut.

From the said DVD, you can watch T-ara's clip below~

From their appearances on various Japanese shows, here are T-ara's adorable cuts!

First up is the one from "Japan's Zip! TV", OMG! the Sumo Wrestlers! But don't worry T-ara won't fight with them, they were just there to watch and take some pictures. ^^

Celebrating their recent birthdays, Hyomin's was on the 30th of May and Jiyeon's on June 7th, here comes the heartwarming photo of the two where Hyomin was seen giving a backhug to Jiyeon who was carrying their cake.

Along with it, Jiyeon shared, "The birthday of Gemini roommates. I’m so happy!" while Hyomin added, "We got good lighting. We’ll share the delicious cake. Thank you".

Check out the lovely photo of our Gemini girls, Hyomin and Jiyeon~

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