T-ara Hyomin's much awaited comeback on Invincible Youth has finally happened and along with that was her reunion with SNSD's Sunny.

The "SuByung" couple are back, and you can now watch Hyomin's appearance on the 27th Episode of Invincible Youth Season 2 below.


Gracing today's show of Japan's "King's Brunch" are the girls of T-ara!

And the best thing about this is they are back with Boram who has been reported to have an Acute Gastritis a few days ago.  She's looking well now and that is a good sign from Boram!

Check out their cuts from the show below.

T-ara's Hyomin is indeed coming to one of Invincible Youth Season 2's upcoming episodes and following her heartwarming photo with SNSD's Sunny last night.  Here comes more of her photos from the set of IY Season 2.

Check out Hyomin's lovely photos with Sunny, Sunhwa and Shinyoung after the cut.

Update 6/9/2012:

From the set of their pictorial for the jacket photos of their "Jewelry Box" album, here are some of T-ara's behind-the-scene photos.

Check them out below.

From the show where T-ara sat and watched the Sumo Wrestlers, here comes their photos!

Uh-Oh! 6 vs. 1~ ^^

Aside from T-ara Love, it's also time for K-POP Love~

Gracing the issue of Japanese magazine named "K-Pop Love", here are the lovely girls of T-ara.  Check out their cover photo and other photos below.



Following their fantaken photos, here comes T-ara's Press photos from their recently concluded concert in Thailand.

Check out T-ara's hot and lovely photos from their successful concert after the cut.

June 9th Update:

Scheduled on the 11th of August, T-ara has now revealed their poster for their First Seoul Concert!

Looks like they fell in love with the name "Jewelry Box"?

Prior to their concert in Seoul, the group will be having their "First Fan Meeting" first and that will be on the 14th of July.

In related news, T-ara also revealed their poster for their Japan Tour which you can view here.

Performing "Lovey Dovey", here are the girls of T-ara and their cuts from Japan's "Happy Music".

Check out their performance below.

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