Hyomin and Boram Promotes T-ara's Goodies

Posted by nearnine June 14, 2012

Following T-ara's Eunjung and her bear straps, Hyomin and Boram are now here to promote more of T-ara's goodies which will probably be sold at their upcoming concerts in Japan.

Showcasing T-ara's badge set and Sunglasses, check out Boram and Hyomin's photos below~

Meanwhile, the teaser for T-ara's Japanese and Korean Concert has been revealed and you can watch it here.

On the 12th of June, the girls of T-ara graced halftime show of the match between South Korea and Lebanon for the 4th round of the World Cup qualifiers.

In this match, the South Korean team walked away with a 3 to 0 win over Lebanon.  Where the Lebanese players stunned by T-ara's beauty? ^^

Check out T-ara's video and photos from this event below.

With just a few days to go before T-ara's Concert Tour in Japan, the group has now revealed their video teaser.

Enough to excite anyone, check out T-ara's awesome and exciting video teaser for their Japan Tour and their Korean Concert.

♦ Japan Tour Schedule:
June 19 and 20: Aichi/Art Hall Theater
June 22, 23 and 24: Osaka/International Conference Center
June 25 and 26: Fukuoka/Sun Palace Hotel and Hall
June 28: Miyagi/Zepp Sendai
June 30: Sapporo/Zepp Hokkaido
July 25 and 26: Tokyo/Nippon Budokan

♦ Korean Concert:
August 11th

After her official announcement last June 12th, the official photos of Lee Areum, T-ara's 8th member, has now been revealed.

T-ara's company, Core Contents Media stated, "T-ara's 8th member is Areum, a 19-year old girl with beautiful white skin and a height of 167cm. Both of Areum's parents were in the music industry and Areum has inherited both of their talents and is an extremely talented girl".

This might be redundant to others but for those who still missed it from our past updates, T-ara's 9th member who is Dani, will be joining T-ara this December but she will appear on T-ara's Music Video which will be revealed on the 3rd of July.

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