Rumor has it that T-ara's Hyomin has been cast as the lead role in the upcoming 8-episode MBC drama titled "One Thousandth Man", a drama about a fox with nine tails that has devoured the livers of 999 men. She tries to get one more man's liver, but the man falls in love with the fox with nine tails. This fantasy melodrama will be broadcast in August.

To this Hyomin's agency stated, "MBC said that 'the drama cast could change, so it was not confirmed by themselves already.' They don't know how the rumors made it out that Hyomin was cast as the lead character, but the rumors are correct".

While on Kang Yewon's side, her agency stated, "The final status of the casting is not 100% and we'll announce soon the final decision."
What do you think Queens'?  Should Hyomin continue with this project given that T-ara has an upcoming Concert Tour in Japan starting this June as well as their Korean concert in August plus their album releases.  It's just an 8-episode drama though, so if they can balance their schedules well, I guess it would be good but what if she would have to miss their promotions and some concert because of their filming?

Let's all stay tuned if there will be changes in the cast or not.

Everyone heard it, right? MBC's "We Got Married" will be finally resuming it's normal airing this Saturday, June 16th.

Along with that news, T-ara's Eunjung and Jangwoo or more popularly known together as the WooJung Couple have resumed their filming this week and from it, here are their photos from their filming.

Ahead of the release of their "Day by Day" Music Video July 3rd, T-ara has now started to reveal their teaser pictures.

From the set of their upcoming futuristic MV which will be 20-minute long, here are T-ara Hyomin and Dani's teaser photos.  Check out their transformation below.

Where are the other members?  I know all of us would like to see them and their transformations but all we can do now is wait until CCM reveals their photos in the coming days.

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