I am T-ara! v25 [Answer]

Posted by nearnine June 22, 2012

We are now on the twenty-fifth edition of our feature post titled, "I am T-ara" where we post blurred/cropped photos of T-ara members and all you need to do is guess who it is.

Take a look at the photo of our next member and leave a comment if you know who she is and come back tomorrow to find out the right answer.
"I am your Queen, Who am I?"

Our featured Queen for this round is none other than Qri Pretty! ^^

Recorded by T-ara before the transformation of some of their members, here's their performance from 'BS Japan'.

Check out their 'Lovey Dovey' stage below.

With 5Dolls' Hanna and CCM Ent's trainee, here are T-ara Dani and Areum's pretty SelCa pictures.

Check them out below.

T-ara Areum with Alex (CCM's trainee)

T-ara's Dani with Nayeon (Hannah) (5Dolls)

Meanwhile, Dani has expressed that she would want to join T-ara as soon as possible.

The winds have changed, T-ara's Dani has now requested to join T-ara much earlier than the originally scheduled which was expected to be on December.

Dani recently expressed her thoughts to Core Contents Media's CEO Kim Kwangsoo and said, "I want to join on stage with my T-ara unnies as soon as possible." Now, Core Contents Media is thinking about whether Dani should join T-ara when they simultaneously release a new album in Korea and Japan or in December.

Meanwhile, what's definite is that Dani will be also appearing on T-ara's 'Day by Day' MV which will be release on July 3rd.

Another day, another member!

We have seen Soyeon, Boram, Eunjung and Hwayoung's photos from BNTnews and today it's now time to check out Hyomin's!

Browse her beautiful pictures from BNTnews below.


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