Here are Jiyeon's adorable photo with Yongoh, a member of the dance group named "YAMA&HOTCHICKS".

Can't get enough of Blonde Jiyeon?  Check out her photos below.

June 23rd Update:
*With another member of "YAMA&HOTCHICKS"


After Hyomin, Boram and Eunjung, it's now T-ara Hwayoung's turn to promote their goodies from their Japan Tour.

Holding T-ara's "Jewelry Box" Brochure, check out Hwayoung's picture below.

Meanwhile, T-ara's Japan Tour Concert is still on going and you can view some of their pictures here.

Remember the pigeons who appeared in Qri's pictures last April?

They are back and along with is Qri's beautiful photo which was taken by the sea.  Check them out below.

Posing cutely for the camera, here's another adorable SelCa picture from T-ara's Soyeon!

Wearing her red sunglasses, check out Soyeon's picture below.

This might have come late but have you seen T-ara Jiyeon and Hyomin's photos before they finished their transformation?

If not, here it is, "Two aliens eating" as labeled by Hyomin.  Check out her photo with Jiyeon below.

Promoting the beverage brand named "TTOMA O2 Bien", here are T-ara and their beautiful pictures.

Check them out below,

We all know how slim and flawless Hyomin's legs are but in this category she'll have no chance of winning.

Specially if she'll go against their manager, we're talking about the size of their legs and just like Hyomin, prepare to be surprised as we compare the size of their legs. ^^

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