Look who changed their profile pictures on Twitter!  It's T-ara's Eunjung and Hyomin!

Lovely and adorable as they are, check out their newest display pictures below.

Hyomin definitely looks cute here but I can't get what she is holding on her right hand, is that a pet or?

It's just a matter of time till we see the girls of T-ara back on stage with their new song.

Just a week to go and following the teaser from Music Core, here comes Inkigayo's own version.

Probably taken during their filming for their 'Day by Day' MV, here's T-ara Jiyeon's newest SelCa picture.

Don't be alarmed if you see a scar on Jiyeon's face in this next photo, it's part of her makeup in the MV. ^^

The music video will be released on the 3rd of July and you can watch their MV teaser here.

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