Embedded on first part of T-ara's "Day by Day" MV was the rocking tune in this next clip.  It is surely not on T-ara's "Day by Day" mini-album so we're now speculating if it's T-ara's upcoming song titled "Mirage" which is scheduled to be released this August.

And if that's the case, looks like we will have to wait until August to watch the continuation of the story from their "Day by Day" MV.

Nothing is sure yet, but for the meantime you can check out the next clip we are talking about below~

On July 4th, it was revealed that T-ara's Eunjung will be the host on the upcoming episode of "Saturday Night Live Korea".

She will not be alone as she will host the show together with Bada and Horan.  Through the comedy sketch show, Eunjung and the rest are expected to showcase their live comedy skills.

Worthy of our anticipation, mark your calendars, this show will be aired on July 7th.

Aside from enjoying T-ara's "Day by Day" MV, the popular question yesterday was "When will the 2nd part be released?".  Well, it seems like we will still have to wait a little longer for the continuation of the story but we'll get to see the Dance Version music video for "Day by Day" on July 9th!

While waiting, here's T-ara Hyomin's adorkable cut from the MV's behind-the-scene clip.

Reminiscing their past pictorials in Europe, here's a group photo of T-ara as shared be Qri. 

Each strutting their own pose, check out their lovely picture below.

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