For those who are following Invincible Youth Season 2, I think many of you already know that today was Sunny's last episode on the show as she has decided to leave to focus on SNSD.

T-ara Hyomin knows it too and that's why she shared Sunny's set of adorable photos to reminisce Sunny's stay on the show.

As we have posted yesterday, T-ara will be the next group that will be featured on KBS' 'Star Life Theater'.

Aside from T-ara, looks like Jiyeon's friendship will also be featured on the show.  They have already met during music shows before they got cast on SBS' variety show named "Heroes" but its on the show where they really became close to each other.

In this upcoming special, it was revealed that T-ara's Jiyeon invited IU to her place during their break after their previous promotions.  And upon arriving at Jiyeon's place, IU expressed, "I thought Jiyeon's room would be filled with pink princess clothes and accessories, but it’s actually pretty plain. It was hard to be friendly with Jiyeon at first because she has the impression of a cold, city woman".

While when IU saw Jiyeon preparing a snack she remarked, "Please don't cook. Jiyeon is good at dancing, acting, and a lot of other things, but she’s not a very good cook. I think she’s worse than I am".  IU also added, "When I was first invited to her house, she said she would make me samgyetang, but I talked her out of it".

This special will be aired on July 9th to the 13th at 8:20PM KST.

Check out the adorable photos of our happy friends below.

Aside from that, Boram's Mom will also be on the show and here are more of their pictures.

This special will be aired on July 9th to the 13th 
at 8:20PM KST.

T-ara made their comeback today on Music Core and inside their waiting here's T-ara's Hwayoung who posed cutely with the gift which came from their fans.

Returning the favor with a cute wink, check out Hwayoung's photo below.

Taken inside Music Core's waiting room, here are the beautiful girls of T-ara who made their comeback today.

Snapping a photo in front of the big bucket of 'VitaminWater' which were intended for their fans who came to support them, check out T-ara's lovely group photo below.

The wait is over! T-ara has finally made their much awaited comeback on Music Core!

Accompanied by a 70-person orchestra on their "Don't Leave" stage, followed by their hot "Day by Day" performance.  Check out T-ara's comeback stage after the cut.

In Korea, 'areumdaun' means beautiful and with that fact, don't you think her name suits her really well?

We're talking about T-ara's Ahreum and you can view her beautiful SelCa Pictures below.

Still taken during their European Trip, here are more of T-ara's lovely photos.

Check them out below.

Taken from the set of their "Day by Day" MV, here's another lovely SelCa picture of T-ara's Soyeon.

With the pose that you can see everywhere, check out Soyeon's beautiful photo below.

T-ara's Eunjung, Ahreum and Hyomin recently appeared on SBS' '1 Million Quiz Show' and from the show where Eunjung got the MVP award for answering all the questions correctly, here are their pictures.

Check out the beautiful SelCa pictures of the three below.

Appearing on the next episode of KBS' variety show titled 'Hello' are T-ara's Eunjung, Hyomin and Ahreum!

Below is where you can see their beautiful preview pictures.

After Eunjung and Boram, here comes more of T-ara's autographed pictures!

Check out Hyomin, Hwayoung, Soyeon's autographed pictures including Boram and Eunjung's as well below.

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