Ready to witness another awesome comeback stage from T-ara? I bet everyone is! ^^

Making their hot comeback on this week's Inkigayo, check out T-ara's "Don't Leave" and "Day by Day" performance below.

Here comes another cute photo from T-ara's Soyeon!

Wearing their costume for today's Inkigayo, check out her charming photo below.

The foods and gifts from T-ara's fans continues to pour as they are set to make their comeback later on SBS' 'Inkigayo'.  And doing what she does best which is taking adorable photos, here is T-ara's Hwayoung.

Showing her appreciation to all the gifts, check out Hwayoung's cute photos below.

If you know the famous aegyo move among the stars nowadays which is called the "Bbuing Bbuing" as popularized by the sitcom "High Kick 3", I'm sure you have kind of noticed it in T-ara's "Day by Day" performance as done by Hyomin.

Now she's back to do some more, check out Hyomin's adorable pictures as she goes "Bbuing Bbuing" and expressed, "Comeback stage bbuing bbuing! If you look closely at Day by Day, the bbuing bbuing movements come out".

Still taken inside their waiting room, here's a gorgeous photo of Hyomin.

As reported a few days ago, T-ara's Eunjung has now appeared on tvN's "Saturday Night Live".

Parodying "Sex and the City", here are Eunjung's funny cuts from the show where it seemed that all she did the night before was to kiss her partner, that's why her lips became like that. ^^

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