MBC's 2012 "Idol Star Athletic Championships" is here again and from their filming which was held today, here's a photo of T-ara's Hwayoung.

Being bubbly under the rain, check out her adorable picture below.

On the right of this next photo is T-ara's Dani, the group's 9th member who will join them later this year, had to say that again because many are still asking "Where is Dani?" in our past posts.

While waiting for her debut, check out her photo with her Shannon Williams, her friend and also a trainee on T-ara's company.

T-ara's Hwayoung and Hyomin both have their own unique cuteness and charm, that's a fact.

But what if the two of them pose in the same way, who do you think would win?

It's a battle of cuteness between Hwayoung and Hyomin, check out their photos below.

Bonus: Eunjung, Hyomin and Boram's photo from their past concert in Japan

After watching our slideshow, I thought some of you would want to get those pictures?

If that's so, here they are.  Check out the screencaps from T-ara's "Day by Day" Dance MV.

Performing "Day by Day" on SBS MTV's 1st Anniversary Celebration Winter Olympics Special, here are the lovely girls of T-ara!

Wearing all black, check out their hot performance below.

Following their preview pictures, Eunjung, Hyomin and Areum's guesting on KBS' "Hello" has now been aired!

Of course their appearance wouldn't be complete without them promoting their hottest song and so here they are dancing to "Day by Day".

Showing off her sparkling iPhone case, here's T-ara's gorgeous Qri who dares you to "Find Tinker Bell~!".

Ready to play?  Check out Qri's gorgeous photo below.

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