From SBS' '100 million Quiz Show', here are T-ara's Jiyeon and Hwayoung!

Check out the lovely photo of the two below.

Taken from the recent recording of MBC's "2012 MBC Idol Star Athletic Championships" and following T-ara Hwayoung's photo, here are T-ara's fantaken photos from their recent filming.

Along with Infinite who are in their team, check out T-ara's pictures below.

Consisting of photos from their 2012 Japan Tour which is also named as "Jewelry Box", here is T-ara's Photo Magazine!

It is now available and you can buy it through the links below.

Purchase Link~>  $15.99 <~Purchase Link
Purchase Link~>  $15.99 <~Purchase Link

Photos taken from the filming of their "Day by Day" MV, here are T-ara Jiyeon and Eunjung's batch of photos!

Receiving their temporary tattoos for the MV, check out their photos below.


Taken from their recording for today's Music Bank, here's T-ara Qri's attractive photo.

Check out the photo of our lovely Queen below.

Bonus: Eunjung's Adorable Picture

Continuing their series of comeback stage, T-ara has now arrived on Music Bank!.

Back with their hottest song titled "Day by Day", check out T-ara's hot performance below.

Smiling sweetly for the camera, here is T-ara's Hwayoung!

Take a look at her sweet and cute SelCa picture below.

You read that right, it seems that T-ara has plans on releasing a Japanese version of "Day by Day",

Singing in Japanese was never easy for the girls and here having a hard time rehearsing it are T-ara's Jiyeon and Hwayoung, from 4th Episode of T-ara's Star Life Theater, check out their cuts below. 

Chu~♥ ^^

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