Taken during their rehearsal break from one of their concerts, here are T-ara's Eunjung and Boram!

Check out the cute photo of the two below.

T-ara has almost finished their Concert Tour in Japan and from it, here are some of their pictures.

Check them out below.


T-ara's 'Lovey Dovey' has been revealed to be the most downloaded single of 2012 so far with a total download hits of 3,338,408 times.

In the most downloaded singles chart  for the first half of 2012 which was released by Gaon Chart, T-ara's 'Lovey Dovey' has beaten Big Bang's 'Blue' and 'Fantastic Baby' which ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively followed by Ailee's 'Heaven' on the 4th spot and Lyn's OST song 'To Turn Back Hands of Time' on the 5th.

Meanwhile, T-ara will be releasing a repackaged album titled "Mirage" with the title track named "Sexy Love" on August 15th.

It's not only T-ara's Eunjung who has started meeting the cast of her drama but T-ara's Hyomin as well!

With the cast of her upcoming drama titled "One Thousandth Man", here is Hyomin with Kang YeWon and Lee ChunHee.

Introducing their 8th member and showcasing the point of their "Day by Day" choreography, here are the girls of T-ara and their interview from KBS.

Start your day right and enjoy this lively clip from T-ara.

T-ara Areum a Day! v2

Posted by nearnine

An Areum a Day will turn the haters into her fans! ^^

If you have watched our FMV for Areum and liked the pictures, here's where we will post them.  In our new special post which is titled "T-ara Areum a Day", a post that will feature T-ara's 8th member, Lee Areum.

Check out her batch of SelCa pictures which were taken prior to her debut as a T-ara member.

And here's our Quote of the Day:
"You lose a lot of time, hating people."
 -Marian Anderson

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