Held on the 25th of July at Nippon Budokan in Japan, here are T-ara's Fancams from their 'Jewelry Box' Concert.

Check out T-ara's special stages and performances below.

T-ara Areum a Day! v10

Posted by nearnine

An Areum a Day will turn the haters into her fans! ^^

If you have watched our FMV for Areum and liked the pictures, here's where we will post them.  In our new special post which is titled "T-ara Areum a Day", a post that will feature T-ara's 8th member, Lee Areum.

Check out her batch of SelCa pictures which were taken prior to her debut as a T-ara member.

And here's our Quote of the Day:
Avoid doing what you would blame others 
for doing.”

Happy after finishing their schedule, here's Hwayoung who posed happily with Boram.

As she express, "There are times when commitment alone is not enough, at such times one might feel sad but think about it again, it also has a good side, I believe in heaven's will... God you~know that? Hoot~ ".  

Check out Hwayoung's photo which also included Boram below.

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